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Karkinos Healthcare wins “Big Impact Award 2023” in Healthcare Category (Oncology)

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Kolkata : Leading technology-led oncology platform Karkinos Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has been awarded “Big Impact Award 2023” in the Oncology-Healthcare Category by BIG FM. The award was presented to Dr. Akther Jawade, Director-East, Karkinos Healthcare at an awards ceremony held in Kolkata.

Karkinos Healthcare was presented the “Big Impact Award 2023” for its implementation of exemplary practices in Healthcare Governance, Awareness regarding cancer, Diagnostics, early detection, cancer risk assessment and making World Class Cancer Treatment accessible to the mass and using the best of Technology for cancer-care in the country.

Dr. Akhter Jawade, Director-East of Karkinos Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. said, “Well as a Senior Radiation Oncologist, I have been practicing for the past 18 years and what I’ve seen is cancer mortality grow over the years in the country, especially the East and West Bengal in particular, mainly due to lack of awareness, accessibility and affordable care. Of course, quality care also adds to it. To address these problems, Karkinos Healthcare was formed by a remarkable team with a vision of revolutionizing cancer care forever.”

Dr. Akhter Jawade added, “Through our focus on increasing early detection, providing cutting edge diagnostics & delivering world class treatments, and enabling discovery through data, all with a digital backbone, we are using technology to expand the horizons of cancer care every day. Be it an app for self-risk assessment to enable early detection or the centralization of Onco-data on a single platform, securely accessible to doctors across the globe, and to patients wherever they go, we are innovating our use of technology to propel us into the future of cancer care. I really thank BIG FM for recognizing these efforts and assure you that the best is yet to come.”

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