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ZSI Celebrates International Day for Biological Diversity, 2022

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National : The Director of Zoological Survey of India (ZSI), Dr Dhriti Banerjee today encouraged the youths of this country in playing a pivotal role to encourage environmental and conservation efforts for improving livelihood. While addressing the celebration of International Day for Biological Diversity, 2022 today in ZSI Headquarters, Dr Banerjee stated that the youths of the country may bring facelift to the society with their courageous and appreciative behaviour in joining in the efforts of conservation of biodiversity here. Dr Banerjee also stated that this programme was supposed to be organised on May 22, the exact date of the International Day for Biological Diversity, but due to a meeting with the Union Minister of State for Environment, Forest and Climate Change Shri Ashwini Kumar Choubey at Chennai, the programme has been scheduled today. The Chief Guest, Principal Chief Conservation of Forests, Government of West Bengal, Dr Jose Mathew remarked on the occasion that society is never taking 'informed' decisions, people should get informed and suggested policies should be made on area based. The Guest of Honour, State director, WWF-India, Smt Saswati Sen shared her personal experience with Tiger Conservation in Bali Island village, Sundarbans that nowadays there is

 awareness amongst people, and they try to save the tigers and also help to release them in the wild. She also mentioned Living Planet Report. The Guest Speaker, Prof. Ayaz A Shafi who is an International Leadership Coach and Behaviour Analyst started with example of Amazon rainforest and its number of vertebrate species and Coral reefs- life that its gradually decreasing due to commercial fishing, Deep sea mining, Territorial mining etc and said we need a management approach for this. Then he encouraged the young students who were participants of Elocution Competition, wherein he said that “you are best placed to make difference to conserve the biodiversity” through Public Education and Active Participation; Ecological, Research, Management and Monitoring Legislation and Enforcement and lastly quoted "It's your baby. You need to act." An Inter-college Elocution Competition was also conducted on the theme of “Building A Shared Future For All Life” to create awareness among the youth to build a healthy, sustainable environment to protect the mother earth for future generations. Twenty students from different colleges in Kolkata participated in the competition. Shri Sohom Ghosh, APC College, new Barrackpore stood first in the competition, followed by Smt Supriti Barman, Bethune College (second) and Shri Souparna Ghosh, APC College (third). Prizes and certificates were distributed to the participants.

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