SVF : SVF launches SVF Bharat, a new platform exclusively for serving entertainment in Hindi - Songoti

SVF : SVF launches SVF Bharat, a new platform exclusively for serving entertainment in Hindi

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National: SVF launches its latest channel SVF Bharat with a new initiative to release content in Hindi. The SVF Family gets bigger as SVF Bharat enters the fore with a content roster specially curated for the pan-India audience! Be it Hindi trailers or Hindi songs, it will be the one-stop destination for viewers’ favorite contents from SVF.  

SVF Bharat is all set to entertain people across the country with its spectacular content which primarily includes trailers and songs, in Hindi. SVF Bharat has taken SVF, a step closer to reaching out to every corner of the country, enabling a wider audience base by distributing its content in Hindi. Exhilarated about the SVF Bharat launch, the co-founder & Director of SVF, Mahendra Soni added “In the span of last 25 years we are fortunate to be a part of changing the shape of Bengali Cinema. After serving entertainment in Bengali for so long, we are now ready to take our content to the national audience. Our content has always stood out and proved to be one of the best as we always prioritized the quality of the content. In order to consistently entertain the audiences, both locally and nationally, the preparation for a national platform was going on for quite a long time. As we stepped in 2022, this seemed to be the right time for us to finally launch SVF Bharat. Nowadays regional content is creating wonders in every corner of the country, and I am confident that our content will definitely make a mark after getting released in Hindi as it will attract more audiences. And lastly, we are all excited and geared up to start a new journey of taking our contents to the Pan-India audience through SVF Bharat”. The Hindi trailer release of Srijit Mukherji’s ‘Kakababur Protyaborton’ is the first release of SVF Bharat, along with many other upcoming movies and songs which are slated to release nationally in Hindi in 2022.

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