SVF brings fresh pair of Madhumita and Vikram Chatterjee on screen with ‘Kuler Achaar’ - Songoti

SVF brings fresh pair of Madhumita and Vikram Chatterjee on screen with ‘Kuler Achaar’

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Kolkata: Madhumita & Vikram to be seen together for the first time on screen! SVF’s upcoming venture ‘Kuler Achaar’ is a tumultuous joyful ride that tells a story revolving around the willingness of a lady to keep her maiden surname and the comedic yet poignant complexities that revolve around the idea. Madhumita will be back on the screen for ‘Kuler Achaar’ after the huge success of ‘Cheeni’ and the acclaimed ‘Tangra Blues’, to tell the story of Mithi, a young woman who is determined to not

 change her surname after marriage. Vikram Chatterjee who has already stolen people’s heart through his excellent performance in different TV serials and web series, comes back to big screen as the male lead in Kuler Achaar. He will be seen playing the role of Pritam- Mithi's supportive and liberal husband. As unique as the title itself is, Kuler Achaar hints towards an obvious portrayal of a narrative that is

 distinctive and newfangled in nature. The film is a family drama, written & directed by Sudeep Das. This is his first collaboration with SVF. The very talented Mainak Bhaumik joins the crew to take the position of creative director for the Vikram- Madhumita starrer ‘Kuler Achaar’. It Another versatile actor from the cast, Indrani Haldar will be back on the big screen after a hiatus of almost five years! She will be seen playing Madhumita’s mother-in-law, a character that holds an extremely strong position in Mithi’s life. Indrani Haldar, who has unequivocally made a mark in playing the role of the

 quintessential Indian mother in TV content, is now here to steal the show yet again with Kuler Achaar. Neel Mukherjee, on the other hand, will be seen playing the role of Mithi’s father-in-law. Not to forget, the music of the movie is composed by the top-notch ‘Prosen Er Dol Bol’. Kuler Achaar, is an out-and-out family drama that is not only women-esque in its narrative but also puts equal effort in upholding the true nature of bond & affection a family should ideally share.

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