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HCG EKO Cancer Centre Kolkata launches Orthopedic Oncology Services with Best in the Class Facilities

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 To create accessibility comprehensive cancer care, HCG EKO Cancer Centre Kolkata announced the launch of dedicated Orthopedic Oncology services led by the team of renowned and experienced doctors. The aim of launching an ortho oncology service is to evaluate and treat patients with primary and metastatic tumors of the bone and soft tissues. The department will offer treatment for adults and children with multidisciplinary approach and highly trained doctors.

Orthopedic oncology is a sub-specialty that deals with the detection, treatment, and follow-up of bone and soft tissue tumors which could be benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). A special team of qualified and well-trained doctors will be reaching out to patients with uninterrupted care which is the core requirement for Orthopedic Oncology.

Speaking on the launch, Dr. Pramod S Chinder, Director & Head of the Department- Orthopedic Oncology, HCG Cancer Hospital India said “Our endeavour is to make quality healthcare accessible to every person when they need it the most. HCG Cancer Hospital has treated the highest number of bone tumour patients in India. We were the first hospital to operate using computer assisted navigation system and the first to do the massive allograft bone reconstruction. We are launching orthopedic oncology services at HCG EKO Cancer Centre through a specialized team of doctors who have high expertise and skills to treat patients. Bone cancer is one of the rarest diseases and can be treated through advanced management. Essentially bone cancer is seen in young children and 70 percent of the cases are curable if diagnosed early and treated with chemotherapy, removal of the tumor, or reconstruction. Many people do not know the exact way of managing the disease, hence it is our responsibility to reach out to every part of the country”.

Dr. S.K. Bala, Consultant Surgical Oncologist, HCG EKO Cancer Centre Kolkata said “We have set up an Orthopedic Oncology clinic for the benefit of patients with bone cancers. This is a rare type of cancer that is more common in younger age groups, that itself being a challenge, but with the onset of modern technologies and treatment methods, a patient can now expect a much better quality of life and better outcomes”. 

Dr. Birendra Kumar, Chief Operating Officer, HCG EKO Cancer Centre Kolkata said “We have achieved another milestone with the commissioning of the Orthopedic Oncology services. We have launched this service with an aim to provide world-class healthcare accessibility to people in eastern part of India. With this department launch, we will be able to cater to our patients with best facility and treatment. The state-of-the-art cancer facility is set up with advanced technology emphasizing on high quality patient care and safety”. 

The facility will provide personalized care in a caring and supportive environment. Patients will be counseled on the most effective diagnostics and treatment approach across a multi-disciplinary team.

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