Gift KOSH's jewellery to your partner in this valentines day - Songoti

Gift KOSH's jewellery to your partner in this valentines day

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 Mumbai: KOSH, as the Hindi meaning of it suggests, is a treasure-trove of tastefully designed pieces of jewellery that are put together for you by two business partners ( Karan and Shruti ) who also happen to be partners in life. This dynamic duo create jewellery as expression of their love for each other and for the world.

KOSH’s story goes back a generation when one of the partner’s father set up his jewellery business in 1984. His passion and experience of more than 30 years is what inspired his son to start his own brand in 2007. This brand has since made its presence felt all over Europe with ever increasingly popularity in Italy due to which it has had to setup another base in Milan. KOSH is an offshoot of this brand.

KOSH aims to make its presence felt in the Indian jewellery industry with its classic and minimalistic pieces of jewellery. KOSH offers you pieces of jewellery that are designed and crafted in-house. And, they come directly to you with no middle man involved. 

In India, jewellery has always been considered an investment and something that is worn only on special occasions and celebrations, such as for weddings and for Diwali and Eid. At KOSH, they believe it is now time to bring a bit of change to this tradition by wearing jewellery every day to make each day special ! 

KOSH JEWELLERY has the following - 

-9K, 14K and 18K Gold and 925 Sterling Sliver.

-Yellow Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold which is hallmarked

-Diamonds that are natural and not lab grown, which are certified with IGI Diamond certification (Certificate will be given on request.)

-Rubies and sapphires sourced from Thailand, and emeralds from India

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