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Dabur Amla Strengthens Roots of Relationships by Offline Moments on Father’s Day

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Kolkata : Dabur Amla, a heritage brand renowned for promoting strong, long, and thick hair, proudly launches its Father’s Day campaign, celebrating the enduring strength and unwavering love of fathers everywhere. The campaign aims to highlight the evolving dynamics within households in an increasingly tech-enabled world.


As technology advances, retired fathers often find themselves distanced from the daily tasks and chores they once performed for their children and households. This shift not only deprives them of cherished moments of interaction but also diminishes their meaningful roles in their children's lives. Through this campaign, Dabur Amla seeks to foster deeper connections within families, by highlighting the importance of spending time with each other.


“With people’s trust in Dabur Amla, we are inspired to foster positivity by celebrating the timeless bond between fathers and their children,” says Mr. Ankur Kumar, Hair Care Head of Marketing at Dabur India Ltd. “This campaign stands by resilient fathers and ignites the flame of familial unity and appreciation, encouraging viewers to spend quality time offline with their families.”


Dabur Amla, traditionally associated with the strength of hair and roots, now sheds light on the common emotional challenges faced by fathers who feel sidelined in a tech-driven world. The brand’s commitment to strong family roots aligns with its values of promoting strong hair and overall wellness.


Director Gaurav Bhardwaj of the multiple award-winning film production house SG Motion Pictures comments, “The essence of family ties and the subtle shifts in our interactions due to technology is a poignant subject. Challenging these changes with heartfelt storytelling can spark meaningful conversations. We are honored to collaborate with Dabur Amla on the Father’s Day campaign, bringing forth a narrative that underscores the invaluable role of fathers in our lives.”


Through this heartfelt initiative, Dabur Amla aims to inspire families to reconnect and appreciate the steadfast support of fathers, reinforcing the idea that strong roots, both in hair and family, are vital to thriving communities.


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