TTK Prestige introduces ‘Prestige Oscar with SafeSense’, India's first WiFi-enabled Chimney with Gas Leak Detector - Songoti

TTK Prestige introduces ‘Prestige Oscar with SafeSense’, India's first WiFi-enabled Chimney with Gas Leak Detector

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Kolkata : TTK Prestige, the trusted leader in the kitchen appliances category in India, has unveiled another groundbreaking innovation - Prestige Oscar with SafeSense, India’s very first WiFi-enabled Chimney with Gas Leak Detector. Setting new benchmarks, this first-of-its-kind kitchen hood appliance combines smart technology with state of the art sensors such as gas leak detector and smoke sensor for safety and convenience.


The intelligent Prestige Oscar with SafeSense caters to the needs of modern Indian consumer. Designed for convenience, the chimney can be operated, monitored, and controlled remotely. With the Prestige Smart App, consumers can effortlessly operate their kitchen hood, whether it's customizing the settings or turning it off if accidentally left on, directly from their smartphones. Whether in another room or occupied with other kitchen tasks, users can conveniently control the chimney from anywhere in the house, providing a seamless cooking experience.


In addition to its advanced connectivity features, this innovative chimney is equipped with cutting-edge sensors and functionalities that take your cooking environment to the next level. The inclusion of a Gas Leak Detector Sensor ensures early warnings and provides timely alerts to consumers in the event of potential gas leaks. Instant notifications are sent directly to your phone, allowing you to take immediate action, while the chimney works efficiently to expel fumes and maintain a safe cooking environment. The built-in Smoke Sensor guarantees clean air quality by automatically activating the chimney when smoke is detected. This proactive approach eradicates smoke accumulation, creating a comfortable and refreshing cooking atmosphere, particularly during those sweltering summer days.


The next-generation Prestige Oscar, featuring the innovative SafeSense technology, is here to cater to the needs of busy home cooks. With the ingenious motion sensor feature, operating the chimney and adjusting smoke and speed levels has never been easier. The chimney also boasts multi-speed control, optimizing energy usage for maximum efficiency and minimal environmental impact. Additionally, the heat-resistant tempered glass and double LED lamps provide enhanced illumination, while the SS oil control and heat auto clean feature make maintenance a breeze. With a remarkable suction power of 1000 m3/hr, the Prestige Oscar with SafeSense truly stands out as a remarkable addition to your kitchen.


The kitchen hood also eliminates the hassle of cleaning and maintaining the appliance. It is fitted with a thermal auto-clean feature and effectively removes sticky oil particles using heat, providing an extended period of smoke-free cooking. Moreover, the cutting-edge baffle filter effectively eliminates unhealthy smoke and grease particles, ensuring clean air and a clean kitchen. Another key feature is the stainless-steel oil collector that efficiently collects oil discharge for easy disposal. These features greatly help in reducing the accumulation of greasy residue on surfaces and appliances.


The Prestige Kitchen Hood with SafeSense reflects TTK Prestige's commitment to developing groundbreaking kitchen appliances that meet the evolving needs of modern households. The chimney is available in two variants, Oscar 900 and Oscar 600, available at a price of INR 33645.00 and INR 31145 respectively. Introductory Offer Price for Oscar 900 is Rs.17490.00 and Introductory Offer Price for Oscar 600 is Rs.16490.00.

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