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TTK Prestige - The Svachh Neo Gas Stove, A Gas Stove with Liftable burners for easy cleaning

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Kolkata: TTK Prestige, country's leading kitchen appliance brand, launched its Svachh Neo Gas Stove as a testament to its commitment to innovation. For easy and safe cleaning, the new Svachh Neo features liftable burners, which makes cleaning up a breeze.

The invention was conceived in response to extensive research across the country that revealed homemakers were becoming increasingly frustrated with the difficulty of cleaning gas stoves after use. With liftable burners, TTK Prestige's Svachh Neo gas stove addressed this consumer’s pain point. Thus, ensuring a safe and easy cleaning process.


The Svachh Neo gas stove, which was designed specifically for Indian kitchens, is ideal for the busy homemaker who values convenience, visual appeal, ease of use, and enhanced functionality. Its attractive finish enhances the elegance of the kitchen with superior toughened glass.  The Svachh Neo gas stove comes in four different models, offering home cooks a variety of options.  There are two and three-burner gas stoves available, as well as two four-burner models. The jumbo burner, available in three and four-burner models, is ideal for faster cooking.

TTK Prestige has emerged as the go-to innovative kitchen appliance brand for home cooks across the country over the last 66 years. It is estimated that a TTK Prestige product can be found in nearly every Indian kitchen. The brand is built on the pillars of trust, safety, and innovation, which serve as the foundation for all TTK Prestige products. The brand has always addressed the concerns of home cooks across the country. The Svachh Neo gas stove does the same effortlessly.

Svachh Neo gas stove comes with ISI certification. The 2-burner model costs INR 8245, while the 3-burner model costs INR 10945. The four burner models are priced at INR 13395 and INR 13895, respectively with an introductory offer of 25%. The collection is available at Prestige Xclusive locations, select dealer outlets, the exclusive e-store, and other leading ecommerce websites.


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