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Effortless ways to make children eat fruits and vegetables

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Kolkata : It is natural for children to dislike eating fruit and vegetables, especially those that are not extremely sweet or bitter. It may stress you out as a parent to notice that your youngster is not consuming them. It is often said that a lack of strong flavour is why young kids dislike and refuse to eat fruits and vegetables. They frequently prefer chowing down on sweet, colourful foods in various shapes that are laden with artificial flavours. Parents must ensure that their children get a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis.

Aparna Sharma, mother of a 5-year-old boy says, "It is absolutely natural that youngsters do not choose to eat fruits or vegetables. They may become stubborn and fussy when persuaded to consume them. But vegetables and fruits are both essential for strengthening the immune system and fighting sickness as they are high in essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Also, don’t forget to wash the fruits and vegetables with 100% natural action fruit and vegetable wash like Nimwash to remove any pesticides and traces of dirt or grime. Washing with a vegetable wash ensures that it is safe for consumption and prevents any illness that may arise from bacteria or germs. Using a vegetable wash is beneficial for your family’s health in the long run."


Here are some clever methods to make your kids eat vegetables and fruits:

Make smoothies: Smoothies are an easy and clever way to convince your toddler to eat fruits and veggies. Smoothies can be readily prepared by parents in a short amount of time. Parents can add a small portion of any fruit or vegetable that their child may dislike since they won't be able to tell what's in it. Children can also drink it easily since they do not have to chew it.


Be a Role Model: Children often mimic their parents’ actions. Set an example by adopting some behaviours like eating fruits and vegetables while sitting together as a family. Try to make them an inevitable item in your home menu. Serving them as snacks is an excellent way to incorporate them into their daily routine.


Different shapes: Another creative technique to motivate children to eat while also learning is to chop fruits and veggies into different shapes such as stars, squares, circles, and lines. Children will find it extremely appealing to eat items that are in different colours and shapes.


Involve them: Let your child tag along with you for grocery shopping. It would be fun and wise to bring your kids while grocery shopping as it will make them feel excited to try the items they place in the basket. You can also make cooking interactive by having your kids help you in smaller ways, such as placing the vegetables in the blender or turning on the blender. 

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