#Hoichoi : hoichoi drops the trailer for its upcoming series - The Bengal Scam: Bima Kando - Songoti

#Hoichoi : hoichoi drops the trailer for its upcoming series - The Bengal Scam: Bima Kando

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Kolkata: Abhirup Ghosh returns to hoichoi and brings to its audiences a campy, dramatic and genre bending title about a nefarious scam that is bound to keep audiences hooked from start to finish. The Bengal Scam: Bima Kando is a story that is a seamless amalgamation of some familiar tropes and some never seen before plot twists. In signature Abhirup Ghosh style, The Bengal Scam: Bima Kando brings in the charm of the pulpy 90’s Bengali Cinema, set in a world that has a whirlwind of larger than life bizarre happenings, however the director seems to make it believable. The Trailer gives hoichoi’s viewers a glimpse of what is to come, with the antagonist being the driving force of the plot, this unique story’s Trailer shows two insurance agents - Mohona and Samudra going to confirm an insurance claim,

 however what follows is an unravelling of unexpected events, as the two discover an insurance scam that's been happening in the rural areas of Bengal, orchestrated by the criminal mastermind - Bidyut ( Rajatava Dutta). Snippets of their journey is strewn across the trailer, jam packed with action, drama, thrill and excitement. The Bengal Scam: Bima Kando, directed by Abhirup Ghosh, starring Rajatava Dutta, Kinjal Nanda and Sonamoni Saha in pivotal roles talks about Samudra and Mohona - two insurance agents who head on to inspect the details of an insurance claim of an accident victim. Upon arriving and questioning they find certain discrepancies which raises their suspicion and they dive deeper to investigate. They thereafter come across a huge insurance scam webbed across villages of rural Bengal. Bidyut, the mastermind behind this scam threatens them with the use of his assassin team

 headed by Diler. Despite the challenge at hand, will Samudra and Mohona succeed in uncovering the truth or will Bidyut and his gang be able to continue with their notoriety. Talking about the thought behind his upcoming series, director Abhirup Ghosh said, “The Bengal Scam: Bima Kando, is a story about an intricate web of lies carefully weaved in the rural area of Bengal. The story throws light on the vulnerability that comes with poverty and a lack of education and how easily exploitable it is. While the audience watches the despicable acts of the antagonist, one can’t help but be in awe of the character either. The Bengal Scam aims to entertain its audiences; it is a potboiler or a masala entertainer, through and through. We have incorporated all the needed elements - crime, thrill, drama, action and a stellar cast. Hoping the audience will like it.” Adding to this Rajatava Dutta, who plays the mastermind Bidyut on the show said, “I play Bidyut on The Bengal Scam, the one who orchestrates the entire network of insurance scams that the villages are infested with. Bidyut is a very interesting character with a lot of quirks. There’s a certain nonchalance and humor behind his ruthlessness, which makes him all the more sinister. He is a staunch believer in astrology and believes in fate, but does not spare a thought before killing someone for his own gain. There’s a certain theatric value to him, that makes him an antagonist that you will share a love hate relationship with.” Stay tuned to watch the notoriety of Bidyut and Samudra and Mohona’s fight against the scam, only on The Bengal Scam: Bima Kando, set to release exclusively on hoichoi on 11th November. Trailer out now!

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