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ZSI & its 16 Regional Centres Celebrate World Environment Day

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The Zoological Survey of India, Kolkata, Ministry of Environment, under Union Ministry of Forests and Climate Change in collaboration with The Indian Museum, under Union Ministry of Culture organised a programme to observe the World environment day today.  The programme was organized on the theme “Only One Earth” with a motive of “JAN BHAGIDHARI”.

The under-privileged children of SOS Children’s Villages of India, Kolkata participated in the programme.

The Director, Zoological Survey of India, Dr Dhriti Banerjee in her inaugural remarks on the occasion highlighted the importance of Mother Nature for mankind. She emphasized that as our own mother takes care of ourselves in the same way mother nature/Environment protects us, it is our prime duty to be very sensitive towards environmental issues. She further mentioned that we should restrict ourselves from polluting the air, water, soil and other natural resources otherwise we have to face serious consequences in future. She quoted the recent example of a Rajasthan village in Barmer district where the majority of the water bodies dried up and the people were required to walk 25 kms/ day for water. She motivated the children to be the real soldiers for protecting our mother nature.

Shri V P Singh, Principal account Officer, Ministry of Environment & Forest and Climate Change, highlighted the issues responsible for the commencement of World Environment Day celebration in the year 1974.  He further mentioned that this day helped in a great way to create awareness among the general public about the consequences of air pollution, plastic pollution, global warming, and rising sea levels. Through his speech, he conveyed a message that without involvement of the general public, no such programmes could be successful.

Shri Sayan Bhattacharchya, Education Officer, Indian Museum Culture welcomed the children, their teachers and other guests for participation in this auspicious occasion. He emphasised the role of collaborative efforts among interdisciplinary departments to make such programmes a great success. Shri Bhattacharya highlighted the importance of Indian museum galleries in creating awareness about the interdependence of humans upon nature. He specifically mentioned that we should plant more and more trees.

Dr. Shelly Acharya, Scientist of Zoological Survey of India, thanked all the participants.

After the programme, all the children and other guests visited Archeological Park and the plantation drive was initiated by planting saplings, followed by a visit to the galleries of Indian museum with an aim to inculcate the values about the importance of mother nature.

Along with the ZSI, Headquarters Kolkata all its 16 regional centres also celebrated the World Environment Day by organizing various programmes/activities with a sole motive to involve the general public/ students in the movement of protecting our environment.


The Andaman and Nicobar Regional Centre, Port Blair organised a one day National seminar on ‘Island Biodiversity of Andaman and Nicobar Islands’; Western Regional Centre, Pune organised the event for culmination of the 10 days long ANUSANDHAN camp being organised by the centre involving students of  three KendriyaVidyalayas of Pune. The Southern Regional Centre and Marine Biology Research centre jointly organised a public rally for creating awareness among the people and students of Santhome Higher Secondary School followed by removing plastic and other non-biodegradable waste from Pattinapakkam beach and by distributing fruit bearing trees.

The Desert Regional Centre, Jodhpur undertook a plantation drive, cleanliness drive and also organised a drawing competition among children. Freshwater Biology research Centre, Hyderabad undertook the cleanliness drive at Himayatsagar lake in collaboration with Municipal corporation and also participated in a programme organised by State Biodiversity Board, Telangana. The MARC, Digha initiated a plantation programme with the students of Ramnagar College apart from beach cleaning and public awareness. The Estuarine Biology Regional centre, Gopalpur organised an outreach programme with the children of villages of Purunbandh and Gokharkuda near Rushikulya Estuary regarding beach cleaning, plantation and conservation efforts for protection of mother earth. The North Eastern Regional Centre, Shillong organised a programme to involve residents of SOS children villages of India, Shillong at Umaim and the significance of World Environment Day was highlighted. The WGRC, Kozhikode undertook a cleanliness drive at Sarovaram Biopark.

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