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Ministry of Railways : Solar Power Generation Added to Metro Railway

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Kolkata: Metro Railway is in constant effort in reducing carbon footprint by generating power from alternative sources. The initiative got momentum over the last eight years. In this context, the installation of rooftop solar power plants at different locations of metro Railway needs to be mentioned.

As another appreciative initiative of Metro Railway authority, an 1.24 MWp rooftop solar power plant has been installed on the rooftop of major buildings of Central Park Depot of East-West Metro on August 27, 2021. This environment-friendly solar power plant is scattered over 19173 sq metre area. As a result, Metro Railway has been able to save Rs 45 lakh (approx) per annum.

This project which was executed through public private partnership mode is equipped with all standard protections and safety checks. Metro Railway has provided the rooftop areas whereas the solar power developer has done the complete designing, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning work. The solar power developer is also supposed to operate and maintain this plant for 25 years.

The plant was constructed as a part of 100 MW-peak rooftop solar generation projects for Indian railways which aims to become ‘net zero Carbon Emitter’ by 2030.

Besides this, rooftop Solar Power plants at Mahanayak Uttam Kumar station (0.40 MWp), Kavi Subhas (0.05 MWp), Noapara/RSS (0.05 MWp) and Tapan Sinha Memorial Hospital (0.14 MWp) were also installed between 2016 and 2017.

These rooftop Solar Power plants generate a total of 1.78 MWp of electricity, which help to save huge Government exchequer. Out of this, 1.75 MWp has been added in the last eight years.

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