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Kolkata : India has about 83 million Government Registered SME and MSME companies. Most of these businesses are second and third generation family businesses. Globally it has been seen that 70% of Family-Owned Businesses fail to struggle the 1.5 million (10 Crore) turnover. Also, in the last few years, India has seen a huge growth of the Start-ups. Global statistics of sustainability of Start-ups indicate that 80% of Start-ups shut down within the first 5 years of operations. This is a challenge that is faced by the Indian Family Businesses also. Businesses are started by technicians who have a significant technical knowledge. Such businesses rapidly grow to about Rs 5-10 crore and then stagnate. Subsequently many of them perish. The reason is that there are very few institutions who train a business owner into how to run a business. Mr Brad Sugar, who founded ActionCOACH in 1994 in Australia wanted to address this issue – train the small and medium businesses with the tools which

 will allow them to grow exponentially and scale up. ActionCOACH currently operates in 96 countries and has more than 4500 coaches in these countries. Beyond Red Ocean Consulting, founded by Moloy Chakravorty, is a Licensed Partner of ActionCOACH in India and is recognised as India’s fastest growing Business Coaching Company. Moloy Chakravorty started his professional career in 1991 and in the next 23 years, he had a successful corporate career in Leadership Roles with Global MNCs like Merck India, GE Healthcare, etc and Indian Family managed corporations – Chanrai Summit Group in India, UAE, West Africa and UK. In 2016, he started my Entrepreneurship Journey with his Coaching and Consulting Company – Beyond Red Ocean Consulting. His passion is to work with ambitious business owners and as an organisation he derives pride and satisfaction from seeing their businesses grow exponentially. Moloy Chakravorty is one of the most successful business coaches in India and has transformed multiple businesses across India. His innovative Business Transformation systems works for businesses across sectors in multiple cities of India. In March 2022, Beyond Red Ocean Consulting acquired the Exclusive Licence of ActionCOACH for West Bengal. The endeavour of Beyond Red Ocean Consulting is now to help Businesses in West Bengal and helping them scale up and build a powerful Business Legacy. We already have demonstrated success in Kolkata with multiple businesses. Now, the goal is to grow the team of Coaches and reach out to multiple businesses in West Bengal so that they can grow and contribute to the GDP of West Bengal.

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