SVF Music presents a unique music video ‘Thik Jyano Love Story 2.0’ to cherish the innocence of love - Songoti

SVF Music presents a unique music video ‘Thik Jyano Love Story 2.0’ to cherish the innocence of love

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Kolkata: SVF Music comes up with its one-of-a-kind music video ‘Thik Jyano Love Story 2.0’ which commemorates love and pride. The latest track was initially launched as an audio which racked up multiple audio streaming platforms and collected huge appreciation from the audience. The music video is composed by melodious Arindom who is also the singer here and the supremely talented Prasen penned the lyrics of the song. The team behind this track also consisted Souvanik Kundu as the music video director. The song features two amazingly talented newcomers Madhurima Dutta and Madhumita Das. The song is streaming now on all leading audio platforms and the music video is available on all the social media platforms of SVF Music. 
The music video celebrates love irrespective of one’s sexuality. Here the story of Raya, portrayed by Madhurima Dutta, is an active social media influencer whose life rotates around her own space and is also an out-and-out fashionista. She comes across as a fun-loving person and has a special someone in her life whom she loves ardently and going to meet that person for the very first time. Raya makes sure she texts that particular someone and always checks up on that person. Her friends tease her and she blushes every time with that person's texts. She gets ready to meet the love of her life and we see another girl approaching towards her. Raya is in love with Ambika and vice-versa.

The music video tries to portray how normal it is to LOVE. beyond gender. An out-of-the box love story, normalizing love and emphasizing on the fact that love knows no gender. Love is matter of Pride. Every kind of love matters, and carries the same intensity as any other. It doesn’t matter who we love, as long as we do with our best intentions. 

“Creating Thik Jyano Love Story 2.0 was quite exhilarating and this time being a part of this wonderful rendition not just in terms of music but even in the concept of the video made me feel overwhelmed and I am really proud to adhere the fact that indeed it was a valiant step from the SVF Music who came up with such a magnificent idea. And I am always up with such unique outlook of SVF Music”, Said the skilful and brilliant Arindom, the music composer. 

Thrilled about the release of their music video, Madhurima Dutta and Madhumita Das said “In our day-to-day life we really see the struggle of championing the acceptance of LGBTQ equality. With this music video it’s a step from our end in normalizing love and emphasizing on the fact that love is matter of pride. This is a sobering reminder of how love is nothing but natural between two humans irrespective of their genders. The community deserves to be loved moreover everyone needs to understand that the meaning of love lies in its freedom. We are really thankful to the whole team of SVF Music who really thought of giving us this opportunity.” 

Positive about working with SVF music again, Prasen, lyricist exclaimed, “SVF Music is known for their versatility in music catalogue. It was really enthralling to work on this project. Here’s hoping forward that the audience will love and shower their blessings this time as well.”  

“Thik Jyano Love Story 2.0” honors the selflessness of love breaking the stereotypes and promises to be a heartening romantic journey.  


Watch the uplifting music video here: 


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