Duroflex released another soothing lullaby Aye Ghum in Bengali for Sounds of Sleep 2.0 - Songoti

Duroflex released another soothing lullaby Aye Ghum in Bengali for Sounds of Sleep 2.0

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Kolkata : India’s leading sleep solutions brand, Duroflex, has launched their second season of its digital music series Sounds of Sleep on the occasion of World Sleep Day. With the release of their second original composition sung in Bengali, the brand is once again set to explore the role of music as a sleeping aid. The first Hindi lullaby, “Nindya Re” sung by award winning artist, Armaan Malik who also made his lullaby debut with this song, has already garnered over 1Mn views. The second lullaby of the series, Aye Ghum is a Bengali composition sung by one of India’s beloved music artists, Arko Pravo Mukherjee.

Aye Ghum is a melodious lullaby that is a true musical melody composed to soothe your senses just before sleep time. Inspired by Bengali folklore, it romanticizes the nightfall in the ever so sweet language – Bengali. Arko’s tuneful rendition makes this lullaby an unmissable part of your sleep routine.

With this masterpiece, Duroflex aims to popularize the use of sleep aid of lullabies – something the country abides in and has a plethora of it. The brand has constituted originals this time to that rich collection. With their lullabies, the brand is on a mission to help people get peaceful sleep while also helping new-age parents soothe their kids to sleep with calming tunes, along with the top quality sleep products and services offered by the company.

Commenting on the property, Smita Murarka, Chief Marketing Officer, Duroflex said, “We are excited to announce the second season of Duroflex Sounds of Sleep where we’ve gone a step ahead to bring original compositions of lullabies to the masses. The lullabies have been created in association with some of India’s renowned artists from the music industry. Continuing the series, we have launched our second lullaby of the season which is inspired from Bengali folklore and describes the journey of falling asleep. It describes about how every element of sleep is beautiful and how charmingly we can call upon sleep.”

Commenting on the association, popular music artist, –Arko Pravo Mukherjee said, “Duroflex Sounds of Sleep is such a unique concept. ‘Aye Ghum’ took me back to the time when I was lulled to sleep by my grandmum. I want you all to experience the same nostalgia and calmness, as I did while singing it.”

The Sound of Sleep music property is a contemporary ode to the oldest known sleep aid – lullabies. The vocabulary of the lullabies is a blend of a modern and nostalgic sound. Apart from the brand’s channels it can also be seen on an OTT platform, Sony Liv.

The property includes four lullabies sung in different regional languages of India namely, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali & Telugu. Below is the schedule of Duroflex Sounds of Sleep 2.0 episodes:

March 17– Hindi – Armaan Malik

March 22 – Bengali – ArkoPravo Mukherjee

March 25– Tamil – Mahalaxmi Iyer

March 29 – Telugu – Siddharth Mahadevan

Please find below the links to Bengali lullaby of Duroflex Sounds of Sleep 2.0:

Bengali Lullaby: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7lZvorDf2Y 

Duroflex website - https://www.duroflexworld.com| Follow us on @duroflexworld

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