The latest track from ‘Kakababur Protyaborton’, ‘Teen Tirikke Noy’ released today - Songoti

The latest track from ‘Kakababur Protyaborton’, ‘Teen Tirikke Noy’ released today

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Kolkata : Srijit Mukherji’s third Kakababu-Santu adventure film ‘Kakababur Protyaborton’, based on Sunil Gangopadhyay’s ‘Jongoler Modhye Ek Hotel’ is all set to release nationally this Friday on 4th February 2022. Meanwhile, after getting a positive response from the audience for the first track ‘Phire Elo Kakababu’ sung by Rupam Islam, the latest and the very special track of the movie ‘Teen Tirikke Noy’ released today. SVF brings three key members of Chandrabindoo which include Anindya

Chatterjee, Upal Sengupta and Chandril Bhattacharya on board for ‘Teen Tirikke Noy’. While the three lead singers of Chandrabindoo lend their voices for the song, the music of ‘Kakababur Protyaborton’ is composed by Indraadip Dasgupta and the lyrics is written by Srijato. Delighted by the involvement of the Chandrabindoo singers, the two-time National Award-Winning Director Srijit Mukherji said, “Like Kakababu was omnipresent in my childhood, Chandrabindoo was omnipresent in my youth. Bhindeshi Tara, Ebro Khebro Rong, Mon, Amake Nao, Jodi Bawlo Hyan, Adda, Rickshawallah, Sonamon, Bondhu Tomaye, Gaan Bhalobeshe Gaan, Taatin, Amra Bangali Jaati, Geetgobindo, Eita Tomaar Gaan - and I can go on and on - the memories, the laughter, the tears accrue to this band like no other for me. It is such a delight to finally work with them!” ‘Teen Tirikke Noy’ is streaming on SVF’s social media platform and is already gaining exceptional response from the audience.


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