Gem Selections celebrates its legacy of 34 years, creating a benchmark of quality gems in the industry - Songoti

Gem Selections celebrates its legacy of 34 years, creating a benchmark of quality gems in the industry

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  Gem Selections, India’s largest gemstones brand celebrates its remarkable journey of 34 years in the gems & jewelry industry this year. With a legacy of over 3 decades, the brand has developed itself as a premiere label not just in the country but also in the international market by establishing 11 stores worldwide. Owing to the quality and diversity in the gems & jewelry designs produced by the brand, it has over 5 million visitors on its internet properties every month. Several celebrities congratulated the brand through social media on its anniversary, congratulating the team for its achievements.

Speaking about the brand’s journey that began in 1987, Mr. Pankaj Khanna, Chairman, Khanna Gems Group, who is also a very renowned astrologer, said, “It is a memorable journey which I started 34 years back with the help of my family, friends and of course the many team members that worked with us over these years. I am thankful to everyone who became a part of the brand directly or indirectly and remained with us in our ups and downs. Our vision has always been to make quality gemstones and jewelry that are affordable for all and hence, we became the only company in entire India to sell Gemstones on EMI. The customers’ s overwhelming trust in us is what remains to be our key strength and we will continue to strive towards integrating advanced technology in our process in order to create the best for our customers.” Gem Selections which is backed by India’s largest vertically integrated group of Gemstones- the Khanna Gems Group has grown manifolds over the year. Gem Selections generates Crores in revenue from West Bengal and hence Mr. Pankaj further announced that the brand will be launching 5 new flagship stores in the region by the end of 2021. As of 2020, the brand has launched its exclusive stores in Mathura, Mysore, Bangalore and Delhi and it has no plans to stop.
   These stores are a premiere stop for unique handcrafted gems and jewelry designs along with its other products. The major objective of expansion is to gain business, but it additionally also wants to develop people’s inclination towards high quality, authentic gems, and jewelry in the Indian market. While the brand launched several offline stores during the pandemic, it also implemented some advanced strategies like AI/ML and 3D hologram techniques in all its stores to provide extensive Covid protection and authenticity to all its clients. With the use of Augmented Reality, the customers can easily view the designs, sitting comfortably and securely at their homes. Additionally, all the gemstones sold by Gem Selections are certified by Govt. Laboratories. With the growing business figures from the stores all over the world, Gem Selections is flourishing both in the offline and online market. Every Jewelry lover’s dream of high quality, custom-made jewelry with a blend of rear gems and crafts midship is on its headway. People in the various parts of the country can now easily gain access to Gem Selection’s legacy of high quality and genuine products. The road to expansion is every growing and the brand hopes to grow even bigger in the coming decade.

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