International Bi-cycle Brand UNIROX opens its first exclusive store in Eastern India in Kolkata amidst Bi-Cycle surge in COVID times - Songoti

International Bi-cycle Brand UNIROX opens its first exclusive store in Eastern India in Kolkata amidst Bi-Cycle surge in COVID times

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  The first exclusive showroom of UNIROX, a global Bi-Cycle Brand, was opened at Kolkata today. It is in fact the first exclusive showroom of UNIROX in Eastern India.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a game-changer for bi-cycles all over the world. This has led to a massive gush of bicycles and E-bikes. Health suddenly becoming a top priority, people around countries like India have turned to cycle during the coronavirus unlocking phase. In India, bicycling has boomed, with brands, stores, and manufacturers reporting a surge in demand. High-end bikes have reached a 300% demand, up from last year’s 5-10% hike around the same time. It’s not just the Bollywood celebrities, the craze has gone to the masses who are endorsing fitness like never before. Bi-cycles are handy and affordable to hit the road to activate a healthy life.

Speaking on the launch Mr Subir Ghosh, Director, UNIROX said, “The Bi-Cycle industry has witnessed a massive surge in this COVID-19 phase. Previously UNIROX Bi-cycles were available across different stores in India. But the massive demand of Bi-Cycles in these changing circumstances has motivated us to come with an exclusive store in Kolkata, the first of its own in Asia. Customers and interested individuals can directly buy UNIROX brand Bi-cycles from this exclusive showroom. As of now, we have plans to come up with more such showrooms. This is only the beginning. Not only the European and American markets, but we are also looking forward to catering the big Indian market as well and also the Asian one. We are indeed hopeful that we would be able to contribute a lot with this demand surge which will be beneficial for our environment in the true sense of the term. We are also adhering to the popular ‘Make In India’ trend initiated by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.” Brand UNIROX belongs to the United Cycle Co, one of the leading names in the bicycle industry in India, which has been successfully exporting its UNIROX brand bicycle and E-bikes in Finland, Sweden and Poland. Now the company has started its full-fledged operation in UK after setting up office in London. It also happens to be one of the first brand of bicycle to bring the global super-bike features to India at affordable rates. Having a vision to create better bikes and improve the cycling experience of people around the world, the company has succeeded in satisfying customers from Poland, Germany,

Sweden, Finland, Italy, Spain, Holland, Slovenia, Croatia and Romania in the EU. The first exclusive store in Kolkata is a giant stride ahead in the sales and marketing aspect of the global brand considering the global paradigm shift for eco-friendly bicycles around the world.

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