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Rhitom in Germany

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Rhitom Sarkar has just returned from a hugely successful multi city tour of Germany. He played concerts at Frankfurt, Munich, Leutkirch, Heidelberg, Uberlingen among others.
On his return Rhitom spoke about his experience of the changing preferences of Indian music among the German and the immigrant population of the country.
“The trend of bollywood music is now a rage among the young population as well as the immigrants.  Though the comparative elder connoisseurs loved the classical Indian ragas Nanda Kauns, Kirwani, Charukeshi, Saraswati, Sugrahi Kanada, Madhuwanti and more, midway through our concerts there was invariably demand for Bollywood hit numbers of the 80’s and 90’s including Anu Malik, A.R Rehman, Jatin Lalit that made me and fellow musicians Peter Kramer on guitar,  Subrata Manna on table  and Sudakshina on vocals .”
He added, “We as cultural ambassadors play a vital role in bettering ties with the International community and I believe that all complications and differences can go away with the spread of music across boundaries”.

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