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Manav Ahuja Motivation speaker and Business Strategist

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KRIS & GAUR organized Seminar on 12th Jan 2019 at the MAHAJATI SADAN AUDITORIUM, KOLKATA. The title of the seminar was Performance Maximization & Entrepreneur Skills and the speaker was International Motivational speaker – Mr. Manav Ahuja. This event was attended by Mr. Sujit Bose – Fire Minister, My senior official of Police department and many other industrialist& Businessmen of Kolkata.
Mr.ManavAhuja was also awarded as Best Motivational Speaker at this event by various corporate& other Organizations.

While addressing large gathering of almost 1200+ people from all sects, Mr. Manav Ahuja talked about recognizing increasing peak performance index and how to enhance inner faculties.  His discourse was brimming with immense energy and passion. 
The audience listened to him with rapt attention as he gave tips that were out of the box and entirely novel.  He said A little progress each day adds up to big results, that to convert non-performers into best performers. is no magic but a practical technique to learn how grow faster.
He specifically pointed that Idea is a good, planning is better but Implementation of Ideas and Plansis the best policy for Business success. Become master mind of your business planning otherwise you will be forced to be culprit of your failures.

He also shared that most of the business startups fail early because they either fail to plan or they plan to fail….As well as the biggest problem they face is complete growth plan & strategy which leads to implementation of various skills & techniques in business on daily basis.

According to Mr. Manav Ahuja nowadays central Govt. & State Governments are supporting& encouraging start –up companies &businesses as well as women entrepreneurs. Many house wife and working women also attended this Seminar.

He also motivated and applauded for today’s women, who have ambition to grow.
He said many startups fail to reach their goals due to lack of knowledge& Implementation strategies of different segment in business. He focused on step by step approach how to promote your business instead of all difficulties.
Mr. Manav Ahuja said Money is always attractive but the efforts behind that money are most important. So focus more on efforts not just results.
So he said that a student life runs on Discipline, Professional life runs on hard work, Retired life runs on Good health and perfect life require planning of all above.

Mr. Manav Ahuja gave a very strong & special message to all the participants gathered at this event…
He said there is always something you know better than the others. You weren't accident, you are not mass produced, and you were not assembly line product. You are deliberately planned, specifically gifted and lovingly positioned on earth by master craftsman called GOD.
He also said that never consider yourself as poor. You have unlimited power and this world belongs to believers. SO Start living with the belief and you will achieve everything you desire with a focused mind towards your Goal. 

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