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Sony YAY! celebrates Christmas with a special Barter

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Christmas and its spirit of giving, unifies the entire world in festive spirit and celebrations. In Indian cities and towns, all around us, children decorate their neighborhoods, housing societies, and homes with beautiful Christmas trees, festooned with baubles and small bits of decor, hoping that Santa Claus stops over and leaves them gifts. To make this Christmas memorable and special for young ones, Sony YAY! has come up with a special mode of celebrating X-Mas this year. Introducing KhushiyonKa Barter, bringing children from all walks of life on one platform, inculcating amongst its young fans that you can find joy everywhere. It’s a unifying and progressive thought that drives this initiative, with focus on concepts of recycling and reusing materials for children. 

KhushiyonKa Barter gives kids a chance to exhibit their imaginative side. It also taps into their spirit of sharing and spreading happiness. Kids love the thought of gifts and exchange of small gestures of happiness. This experience for them focuses on both sentiments wholly. 

Hosted in Kolkata on the 21st of December, the channel gathered children from Brave Heart NGO and Delhi Public School for a fun-filled session of crafting gifts from waste products. Re-cycling and re-using make children think out of the box and this time around, their favouritetoon characters, KickO, Honey and Bunny were there to cheer them on. Sharing their enthusiasm, KickO, Honey, Bunnyand these kids decorated a beautiful tree, shared goodies and posed for fun photos. Khushiyon Ka Barter combines the spirit of giving and thinking creatively in an inimitable way. 
As the ultimate destination of happiness for kids, Sony YAY! is committed to contribution towards a sustainable environment  by encouraging recycling and re-usage of waste materials

Additionally, Sony YAY! is giving kids an extra special dose of their favourite characters in the form they love the most – movies! This Christmas, Honey Bunny & Guru Bhole are all set to take their little fans on a thrilling adventures and escapades with a marathon of all things fun, making this Christmas even more special!The channel’s young fans have shown immense love for the 10 films that the channel showcased previously. As a big thank you and a celebratory conclusion of their festive campaign ‘Party 75’, the channel is presenting a power packed line up of four movies back to back! Based on their show Sab JholmaalHai, -  a comedy with hilarious adventures of an odd team of pets, the channel is presenting Honey Bunny and Secret Formula, Honey Bunny and Crazy Crazy Chase, Honey Bunny and Doggy’s Day Out which will air on 22nd, 23rd and 24th December respectively at 10:00AM. The channel’s musical jodi Guru Bhole will feature in their own musical adventure movie Guru AurBhole&HawaHawai which will premiere on 25th December at 7:30PM.

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