'Hello Kolkata Excellence Award (Fine Arts)' presented to Sri Raghunath Ghosh - Songoti

'Hello Kolkata Excellence Award (Fine Arts)' presented to Sri Raghunath Ghosh

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A solo exhibition of about 50 paintings by eminent painter Sri Raghunath Ghosh took place on 10 - 15 Oct., 3 to 8 pm each day, at  Academy of Fine Arts, behind Nandan campus.  
 Inauguration of this solo ART Expo was done on 10th Oct.. by renowned vocal artist Sri Jagannath Basu and other honourable dignitaries.

   The painting exhibition is organized with great care by Raghunath Ghosh's three daughters Malati, Bharati, Saswati and son Rajen. They have dedicated the exhibition to their dear father for his hard labour and creative work of more than 75 years.

   During a colourful inaugural ceremony of the solo Art Expo, the veteran painter Raghunath Ghosh was presented with 'Hello Kolkata Excellence Award (Fine Arts)' by singer Dipa Das, Sanchita Kabiraj and dance choreographer Runa Roychowdhury.
  "We are honoured to hand over Raghunath Ghosh Sir our token of appreciation for his wonderful dedication and great work. We believe this will motivate countless other artists to follow his footsteps of sincerity and perseverance and uplift the world of arts to new heights," remarked Asish Basak, Editor-Director, 'Hello Kolkata'.

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