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Linc Pens expresses their heartfelt love for ‘Teachers’ who taught life lessons

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Own Reports, Kolkata: Linc Pen and Plastics Ltd. has been one of India’s most trusted writing instruments brand for the last four decades. With a strong presence over 50 countries, Linc Pens has decided to express their heartfelt gratitude to people who teach essential life lessons with a brand-new ad campaign named “Life’s Best Teachers”. 

      The campaign highlights - a 12th standard student ruminating those people who taught him essential lessons at different facets of life. The digital film beautifully portrays how important it is to express gratitude. Essential learnings can come from even the lower rungs of the social ladder, is another beautiful take-away from the film. It also has garnered a lot of positive response and has already clocked more than 15,000 views on YouTube and 13,600 views on Facebook. Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Rohit Deepak Jalan, Head – Marketing and International Business, Linc Pen and Plastics Limited, said “We have always looked up to teachers as a huge asset in our lives. In our opinion, some important and valuable lessons are learnt outside the classroom too. Through this campaign Linc Pens wants to express the gratitude towards all the teachers who have been a part of a students’ journey. Happy Teachers Day.”
    The creative agency added, “Linc is a national brand and we are delighted to have done this project for them. We have already received very positive feedback about the film, from social media. Evidently the hard work and effort we have put into it is paying dividends.”

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