TTK Prestige introduces the Omega Die Cast Cookware Range, enjoy a world of different cuisines with one cookware range. - Songoti

TTK Prestige introduces the Omega Die Cast Cookware Range, enjoy a world of different cuisines with one cookware range.

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Kolkata: TTK Prestige, renowned for its exceptional kitchen appliances, is excited to introduce the innovative Omega die-cast cookware range. This collection includes Kadai with a glass lid, Casserole with a glass lid, square grill pan, Fry pan, and Dosa Tawa, marking a remarkable addition to their Next Gen High-Performance Cookware lineup. Crafted with a perfect blend of durability, functionality, and unrivalled performance, this cookware range aims to revolutionize and elevate your cooking endeavours to unparalleled heights.

To elevate the cooking experience, this range of cookware is perfect for modern kitchens, each boasting a suite of premium features designed to enhance culinary creations. Crafted with a durable die-cast body, this cookware guarantees longevity and resilience in the kitchen. Including a 3-layer, easy-release coating ensures that food effortlessly glides off the surface, eliminating the hassle of stubborn residue. Plus, with an extra-thick 5.5mm base, heat distribution is optimized for consistent and even cooking results, keeping your dishes hot for extended periods.


Say goodbye to burnt fingers with the cool-touch handles, offering convenience and safety during use. Whether whipping up a quick stir-fry or simmering a hearty stew, the Omega Die Cast Cookware Range seamlessly transitions from Gas Stoves to Induction, thanks to its versatile induction base. And fear not using metal spoons – our non-stick coating is metal spoon-friendly, ensuring longevity without sacrificing performance.

From the versatile Kadai to the indispensable Casserole, the Omega Die Cast cookware lineup caters to every culinary need. The Casserole's innovative design ensures optimal heat retention and makes it compatible with various cooking surfaces, including induction cooktops. Achieving professional-level results with the Square Grill pan, Frypan, and Dosa Tawa has always been challenging. With this cookware range, prepare to unlock a world of culinary possibilities without compromise. Aligned with Prestige's commitment to delivering exceptional quality and ensuring customer satisfaction, the Omega die-cast cookware range offers a diverse selection to meet consumer needs.

The Dosa Tawa offers two size options: 31cm priced at Rs. 1,795 and 27cm priced at Rs. 1,545. The Grill pan is available in two sizes as well: 28cm priced at Rs. 2,820 and 24cm priced at Rs. 2,450. Additionally, the Fry pan is offered in 24cm priced at Rs. 1,395 and 20cm priced at Rs. 995. The 24cm and 3L Kadai with a glass lid are priced at Rs. 1,995, and the 20cm Casserole with a glass lid is priced at Rs. 1,695.

To provide peace of mind and assurance, this cookware range is accompanied by a 1-year warranty, enhancing the overall user experience.

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