Child in Need Institute (CINI) celebrates its 50 years of ‘Commitment to the Children and Communities’ in India - Songoti

Child in Need Institute (CINI) celebrates its 50 years of ‘Commitment to the Children and Communities’ in India

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Kolkata 1 February 2024: Child in Need Institute (CINI), one of the leading Non-Government Organisations of India celebrated its 50 years of ‘Commitment to the Children and Communities’ at Science City, Kolkata on Thursday. To uphold the concept of ‘Child Friendly Communities’ and to encourage child participation, 4 adolescent boys and girls from 4 states of India chaired as the ‘Chief Guest’ of the programme.

Clad in the traditional attire of 4 states, the children lit the lamp in presence of Ms Indrani Bhattacharya, CEO of CINI, Governing Body Members, national and international dignitaries, Government officials and senior management of CINI.

The inaugural song ‘Kal Noi Aaj E’ (Tomorrow is too late) set the tone for the day, which was based on the concept - Nothing can wait for the children and people have to start from today itself for the betterment of the children.


Capturing 50 Years of dedicated initiatives and journey of the Organization, CINI also released a Book titled ‘Tomorrow is too late’ on the occasion. The book presents the remarkable journey of half a century of partnering vulnerable children and communities, government institutions, service providers and other actors to help turn child rights into development practice.

CINI is the only NGO in the country to receive prestigious Award for its mission for National Health category twice by the Honorable President of India.

The Honorable Minister of State, Department of Transport, Government of West Bengal Sri Dilip Mondal shared his long association with CINI, and how year after year, during ordinary time or recent COVID pandemic and natural calamities like Aila or Amphan, CINI extended support to Government functionaries to make the services available for the communities.

Ms Indrani Bhattacharya, CEO of CINI, described the five decade long journey of CINI with the people and the Central and State Governments of different states. Ms Bhattacharya also shared that how from a weekly clinic at a school room, CINI is now serving 1 crore people of six states of India every year.

Sujoy Roy, National Advocacy Officer, CINI said, “For nearly half a century, the Child in Need Institute (CINI) has been at the forefront of efforts to uplift vulnerable children in rural and urban communities across India. Our unwavering mission encompasses ensuring that children and adolescents have unfettered access to essential services and entitlements, including health, nutrition, education, protection, participation, and a safe living environment.”

The CINI Support Group Members from all over the world also shared their experience and association with CINI.

Historical photographs and an audio-visual documentation related to CINI’s 5 decades journey were exhibited during the program. The programme ended with a dance performance of young children, showing the varied cultural legacies of India.

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