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Acropolis Mall Celebrates Valentine’s Day

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Kolkata :  February, known for its brevity and hint of spring and romance, captivates hearts with the celebration of Valentine’s Day. Acropolis Mall, India’s premier shopping destination, embraced the spirit of love throughout Valentine’s Week, culminating in a spectacular Valentine’s Day Celebration. Red FM has been the exclusive Radio Partner. 

Set against a mystical backdrop adorned with a shower of balloons, Acropolis Mall hosted a series of captivating fashion shows featuring renowned actor Neel Bhattacharya and Trina Saha. The esteemed guests also shared insights into their upcoming film "Tilottama," accompanied by Ritobroto Mukherjee and singer Ishan Mitra, unveiling the trailer officially at Acropolis Mall.

The fashion extravaganza showcased a diverse range of styles, beginning with a charming Kids' fashion show and progressing through segments for men, women, and couples, each exuding its own unique allure.

Adorned with enchanting romantic decor, Acropolis Mall indulged patrons in seven days of Valentine’s Week festivities. Among the highlights was a captivating Selfie Contest for couples, launched on February 9th and extending until Valentine’s Day. Couples flocked to the designated V-Day selfie corner, capturing cherished moments and sharing them across their social media platforms. Acropolis Mall has announced enticing prizes, including a luxurious staycation at Ibiza the Fern Resort & Spa, Kolkata, shopping vouchers for couples, and an intimate candlelight dinner at the Princeton Club. Commenting on the occasion, 

Subhadip Basu, General Manager of Acropolis Mall and Ibiza the Fern Resort & Spa, Kolkata, remarked, “Acropolis Mall has evolved into one of Eastern India's most vibrant hubs over the past eight plus years. Our commitment of offering unparalleled experiences remains unwavering. The Valentine’s Day celebration, characterized by thematic decor and engaging events, resonated deeply with our visitors. We look forward to curate many more exciting events to captivate audiences in the future.”

Acropolis Mall continues to redefine the shopping and entertainment landscape, offering an immersive blend of experiences that delight visitors of all ages.

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