Celebrating Innovation & Design Excellence, Lexus India announces Lexus Design Award India 2024 - Songoti

Celebrating Innovation & Design Excellence, Lexus India announces Lexus Design Award India 2024

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Kolkata : Lexus India has announced the call for entries for the seventh edition of its most celebrated – Lexus Design Award India 2024 (LDAI), a unique platform for design professionals to showcase their talent and creativity. Entries will be accepted beginning the 20th of July till the 30th of September 2023. Lexus India is seeking innovative ideas from design professionals that contribute to a thriving and better future for all through the power of design and technology.


LDAI, since its first edition in 2018, has received an overwhelming response. In 6 years, LDAI has received over 4300 entries from across the country with participants sharing their unique designs with an aim to create a better tomorrow. The designs curated were focused on solving problems in a wide range of areas such as healthcare, energy conservation, sustainable goods, and waste management, among others. The last edition of Lexus Design Awards 2023, which took place last year in December 2022 in Delhi alone, saw over 3000 entries in various categories.


Speaking on the commencement of the Lexus Design Award India 2024, Mr. Naveen Soni, President, Lexus India said, “We are delighted to announce the Lexus Design Award India 2024, a remarkable platform that highlights the ability of design to address and solve pressing issues in our country. At Lexus India, we strongly believe in cultivating innovation, pushing the limits, and nurturing emerging talent. This prestigious award is designed to honor and uplift the most brilliant minds in the Indian design community, showcasing their visionary ideas and solutions. We are excited to witness the profound impact that design can have in tackling the challenges faced by our nation, as we pave the path towards a brighter and more sustainable future."


LDAI over the years, has witnessed many interesting designs that will create a better tomorrow for the society. Some of the designs have been compiled into a limited-edition Lexus Coffee Table Book. The objective of the LDAI awards is to acknowledge and honor exceptional works of industrial design crafted by talented Indian designers and seeks to commend designs that proactively address the future challenges of society and envision captivating and inventive approaches to foster a sustainable future, while effortlessly augmenting the overall happiness of individuals.


STIR which is a global media house and curatorial agency committed to advancing creativity and path-breaking ideas in the fields of Architecture, Design, and New-media Arts, is the official curatorial partner for Lexus Design Awards in India.


With LDAI, designers will be guided by the three pivotal design principles Anticipate, Innovate and Captivate to express their innovative thinking and originality that anticipates challenges faced by society and imagine engaging & innovative solution that will contribute to a sustainable future, thereby seamlessly enhancing the happiness of all.


Lexus Design Award India 2024 will invite entries from the following 6 categories:


1. Conceptual category: Original ideas awaiting materialization. Explore architecture, design, and crafts with diverse functions and shapes. Abstract or practical concepts that can transform into reality.


2. Industrial design: Address evolving needs through inclusive, human-centric, and eco-friendly design. Focus on mass-produced works like digital applications, household goods, and transportation tools.


3. Textile design: Embrace innovative textile designs, including weaves, prints, and patterns. Highlight functionality, cultural contexts, craftsmanship, and emotion.


4. Furniture design: Recognize designers shifting paradigms. Enhance function, form, and ergonomics with applied art and sciences. Celebrate the skill of furniture placement.


5. Built environment: Celebrate creativity, technical expertise, and social impact in urban design and architecture. Showcase imaginative spaces, infrastructure, and sustainable development.


6. Tech design: Disrupt design with innovative technology. Focus on solution-driven entries, considering components, assembly, sustainability, and transformative potential.


To judge the highly anticipated LDAI 2024, Lexus India is pleased to announce its distinguished jury members. Comprised of accomplished individuals from diverse fields, the jury will lend their expertise to recognize and honor exceptional talent in the world of design.


Introducing the Distinguished Jury for the Lexus Design Award India 2024:


Subodh Gupta: A highly acclaimed contemporary artist from India, Subodh Gupta's artistic brilliance shines through his mesmerizing installations. His works exhibited in prestigious galleries worldwide, delve into universal themes like migration, globalization, and childhood memories, creating an immersive experience for viewers.


Dr. Anupama Kundoo: An internationally renowned architect, author, and researcher, Dr. Anupama Kundoo's passion for sustainable architecture has garnered her numerous accolades. With a focus on addressing social issues, her projects beautifully blend functionality and meaningful refuge, reflecting her vast experiences across cultural contexts


Vinu Daniel: The principal architect and visionary behind Wallmakers, Vinu Daniel's work is a testament to his commitment to eco-friendly design. His poetic use of materials like brick, mud, scrap, and waste results in thought-provoking structures that embrace sustainability while delivering exceptional aesthetics.


Tarun Tahiliani: Hailed as the 'Karl Lagerfeld of India,' Tarun Tahiliani's creativity extends beyond the realm of fashion. As an accomplished designer in the field of architecture and interior design, he brings his signature touch to boutique hotels, holiday homes, and institutions, crafting luxurious living spaces that redefine elegance.


Giri Venkatesh: The driving force behind Lexus' marketing strategy in the Asia Pacific region, Giri Venkatesh's passion for design and creativity is unmatched. Having been involved with Lexus since its inception, he brings a wealth of experience and insight to the jury, ensuring that the Lexus Design Award India continues to inspire and push boundaries.


These esteemed individuals form the distinguished jury for LDAI 2024, embody a wealth of expertise across fields of art, architecture, fashion, and automotive industry. Their discerning eye and profound understanding of design will shape the outcome of this year's awards, recognizing exceptional talent and innovation.


The judging committee of notable design experts will select five winners across categories and the finalists will be given guidance by a team of leading & eminent design gurus from diverse design disciplines at a specially curated design workshop. The workshop will guide the designers to refine their entries before they present their projects to the judging panel, who will then select a winner from each of the categories. They also stand the chance to travel to Milan and experience the Lexus Design Event at Milan Design Week in Italy in 2024.

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