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How to keep your furniture fresh and dry during monsoon

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Kolkata: After the summer's sweltering bright days, monsoon showers have finally brought cooler weather. However, many of us face the challenge of dealing with musty odors in our sofas, curtains, and especially carpets due to the increased humidity levels during this season. Also, it pours continuously in some parts of the country - as a result curtains, carpets, couches often remain damp and emit an unpleasant odor.


Molds and fungi can find their way into our homes through various means and can grow on furniture and commonly found materials like paper, cardboard, wood, dust, and paint which provide suitable nutrition for the mold to grow. High moisture supports the growth of molds.


Mold can affect the structural integrity of the material and can even cause dark patches. Exposure to mold can cause discomfort, leading to irritation in eyes, skin and even in lungs. Here are a few quick steps to avoid growth of fungi and mold inside your house.


·       Dry wet areas: If there are wet areas in the house, take immediate action to dry them. If there is continuous seepage in certain areas, make sure to get them checked or repaired to avoid unwanted microbial growth.


·       Disinfection – A key to ensuring your house stays fresh and protected from germs: Molds such as Trichoderma ViridaeChaetomium globosum, and Aspergillus Brasilensis tend to be present in indoor places like on furniture, carpets etc. Mold growth can really bring down the look and feel of the furniture and the growth can cause a musty, bad smell. This unpleasant, musty odor can sometimes lead to headaches, nasal irritation, dizziness, fatigue, and nausea. Even fabrics close to the source of mold including curtains, carpets {rug}, bedding, mattresses can get contaminated and require disinfection.


Therefore, it is important to disinfect soft furnishings regularly since washing them every week is sometimes not possible. Carpets, couches, curtains etc., should be sprayed with Savlon Surface Disinfectant Spray which gives protection from 99.9% odour causing mold and fungi^ and reduces musty odours in the house. This spray has fresh fragrance notes, and it leaves behind a pleasant smell. It is safe to use on a variety of fabrics - nylon, rayon, velvet, leather, rexin, faux, felt, vinyl, cotton, polyester, linen, wool*. The surface disinfectant spray is ready to use and it air dries, therefore there is no need to wipe.


(^Basis lab study on sample molds. *Basis lab study on select surfaces). Usage: - Do not saturate fabric when using on soft surfaces. Surfaces may vary in quality - always test for suitability on a small inconspicuous area prior to use. Do not use on silk, rayon acetate or satin fabric. Do not use on brass, copper, and prolonged contact with aluminum. Do not allow prolonged soaking in corian. Do not use on polished wood, painted surfaces, or acrylic plastics. Use on inanimate objects only.


·       Improve ventilation in the house: Regularly open windows and leave doors slightly ajar whenever possible. Molds find it difficult to thrive in cool temperatures, so increasing cross ventilation would help in keeping mold growth in check.


By preventing the musty monsoon smell from affecting your soft furnishings you’ll create a hygienic and healthy home, after all hygiene sahi toh health sahi!

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