Veteran actor Saswata Chatterjee embraces immortality in Netflix’s upcoming fantasy series Tooth Pari: When Love Bites - Songoti

Veteran actor Saswata Chatterjee embraces immortality in Netflix’s upcoming fantasy series Tooth Pari: When Love Bites

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Kolkata : Imagine living in the 20th century and being a consultant and a confidant of the who’s who in that era!. Sounds unreal? Well, not when you’re a vampire that has lived for centuries! Netflix’s Tooth Pari: When Love Bites invites you to meet David, played by Saswata Chatterjee, a vampire with stories and experiences that span decades. 


A fatherly figure to Rumi, the rebellious  vampire, David is fiercely protective of her. David believes it is his responsibility to  advise Rumi about life. Equipped with knowledge and experiences collected over a lifespan, he guides Rumi through the vampire world. But what happens when she becomes a potential prey for the Cutmundus, a group that hunts for vampires? To what ends will he go to keep Rumi safe? 


Talking about his role and the show, Saswata said, “To be honest, he reminds you of your father who recollects stories with utmost fondness. In the show, he refers to some of the greatest minds , almost as if they were friends! To talk about these personalities with such ease was very fascinating for me. Just like David, each character has their own progressive arc which will definitely appeal to the viewers. I am sure they will adore David and root for all of us! In that sense, Netflix has really hit the bull's eye with this show.” 

Director Pratim D Gupta showcases an irresistible Kolkata in ‘Tooth Pari: When Love Bites’

 Speaking about the depiction of his hometown, Kolkata, in the series, he says, "Shooting in Kolkata was a transformative experience - immersing ourselves in a city that is so steeped in literature, art, music, as well as philosophy. Kolkata isn’t simply the location where the story of Tooth Pari is set. It’s a character in its own right and it propels the story forward. It was important for us to authentically portray the nuances of the city’s culture in our scenes, to go as far as even have each character in the series embody its spirit.” 

He also spoke about his debut project and showcasing the city he grew up in, “Tooth Pari is a story that is close to my heart, and I am truly excited to share it with the world. In exploring the uncharted territories of human-vampire relationships, the series goes beyond merely representing a love story; it, in fact, celebrates the beauty of acceptance and the power of love in a city that is full of heart and soul.”


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