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Easy Ways To Reduce Water Wastage This Summer

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Kolkata: The approaching summer is said to be the hottest this year. Water scarcity is a yearly issue because our lakes and groundwater dry up in the summer. People in many towns have begun preparing for the problem by purchasing expensive water tankers and recurrent water supplies.

However, adopting daily practices of water conservation to increase the water table is the best way to ensure that water shortage during summers is manageable. This practice can begin at home, particularly in the kitchen, where we tend to overuse water for washing utensils or vegetables by leaving the tap running.

These tips and tricks will help save water and save your water bills while you get all your work done.

“The summer holidays are when the use of water increases while the supply is short. That’s the perfect times to learn water conservation and how to use water for household chores in a smarter manner.” says a 72-year-old Bina Ullal, Librarian, and a pet parent, said “Indians have a good reputation for saving. We’ve been good at conservation way before it became a fad. It’s in our blood, which is why it is not difficult for us to use water sparingly.” she added.

Soak for better cleaning: Special recipes leave special marks on the vessels and utensils. Soaking these vessels and utensils in water mixed with products like ITC’s Nimeasy will help conserve water by encouraging you to soak your utensils rather than wash them directly under running water. Nimeasy offers superior performance on tough stains when soaked for 15–25 minutes. Its enzyme technology helps remove germs and bacteria while removing stains and grease from dirty utensils.

Reuse water: Plan when you run your RO machine so that you can store the waste water. This water from RO can be used to wash vegetables or even mop floors or soak your used vessels. Another way to reuse water is to use water from washing vegetables to water your plants.

Let it steam: Steaming, rather than boiling, veggies is the greatest way to get them crisp and clean. Instead of a few glasses, the procedure only uses an inch of water. Your vegetables' nutrients are also preserved by steaming rather than boiling, which can cause nutrient loss. This means that you gain the benefit of good health while being a conscientious person who conserves water.

Defrost smartly: Ideally, you’d hold the frozen item under running water which can need a lot of water. Since we’re talking about water shortage here, you must work smart in this situation. So why not plan? When you know what will be needed the next day, simply move the frozen item from the freezer into the refrigerator to defrost it for a few hours or overnight.

With these tricks and tips, become a water warrior this season.

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