Blade runner Uday wants to cut his place in TSk 25K - Songoti

Blade runner Uday wants to cut his place in TSk 25K

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Kolkata: Blade Runner Uday Kumar, who will compete in the forthcoming Tata Steel Kolkata 25K on December 18, has set his targets high for the event. Uday, who hails from Bihar, had his left leg amputated in 2017 after an accident at Agarpara railway station forced him to undergo a surgery, which resulted in him losing his left leg. “I am the only son and the only earning member in my family. When the accident happened and I had to lose my leg, it was a real shock for my family as I had wife and kids at home. I somehow managed a plastic leg during that time. But later on, internet helped me to learn

 about the amputated leg. I got it fixed in Kolkata and now I am happy,” Uday said. The 32-year-old, who had competed in the Delhi, Mumbai and Darjeeling marathons, is looking forward to better his timing at this event. “I will aim to finish 10 kms within 1 hour and 30 minutes. Since 2018, I have been running at different events. I have got a lot of backing from my family to do well. From Patna, Delhi, Mumbai and other places, I have a lot of experience. But this time it will be a real challenge for me to compete and set a record for myself,” he said. Uday, who works at a private company in Kolkata and had to bear his travel expenses by himself, now looks up to government for further help. “From Day 1, I have been travelling all over the country to run and I had to bear all my expenses. Now, I hope I will receive some aid and support from the government which will help me to further achieve my targets,” Uday signed off.

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