SVF Music presents its Latest Love Anthem ‘Dekhechhi Rupshagore’ featuring Ditipriya Roy & Dibyojyoti Dutta - Songoti

SVF Music presents its Latest Love Anthem ‘Dekhechhi Rupshagore’ featuring Ditipriya Roy & Dibyojyoti Dutta

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Kolkata : In the tiny hamlet of Sarat Pally, when Durga's story landed her on Satyen's path, there began a love story hidden from the world outside. In 'Dekhechhi Rupshagore' we experience young heartfelt love, as it was, back when things were not so simple.  After conquering the world of television, the very talented Ditipriya Roy stars as Durga in her very first music video. She joins hands with the very popular Dibyojoti Dutta who's won hearts and accolades for his performances on television.  ‘Dekhechhi Rupshagore’ springs to mind whenever a Bengali hears about folk songs. This reprised version, produced by SVF Music, has been rearranged by Arindom, and sung by the very talented musical genius Mahtim Shakib.  

Exhilarated about her first Music Single, Ditipriya Roy said, “Pure, innocent love stories are hard to come by, and I am so happy to have portrayed a beautiful character like Durga. We worked very hard during the shoot with backbreaking schedules, thunderstorms, and heavy rainfall. It was a labour of love, and I hope people love it just as much as we do.” 

Excited about his first Music Single, Dibyojyoti Dutta said, “First music videos are always special, and for me, Dekhechhi Rupshagore will always be one of my most memorable experiences. We shot at a remote location far away from the city while getting drenched in the rain. We waddled through the mud and shot through the thunderstorms united as one team behind the vision. I cannot wait for the release.” 

The famous new-age singer, Mahtim Shakib said, "Dekhechhi Rupshagore has been one of my favourite songs growing up, and I am glad to have been the voice behind this version. I hope that the audience will love the song." 

‘Dekhechhi Rupshagore’ is streaming now on SVF Music. 


Watch the music video here:

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