“Rohit has been an equal parent from Day1 without being told” - Anita Hassanandani - Songoti

“Rohit has been an equal parent from Day1 without being told” - Anita Hassanandani

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Kolkata: Television's favourite couple Rohit Reddy and Anita Hassanandani have always set the right example by being equal parents to their son Aarav. The couple supporting the Pampers #ItTakes2 campaign took to social media and spoke about the need for both mother and father to be equally involved in raising a child and spoke candidly about sharing childcare responsibilities.


Pampers- the diaper brand through its new film is trying to raise awareness about the imbalance in parental duties that exists. Even today, caring for a baby is primarily seen as the responsibility of the mother. She is the lead caregiver of the child from the time the baby is born. But due to this generation old conditioning fathers often miss out on the important milestones of their child only to regret it later in life. The new Pampers film draws inspiration from this emotion and an alarming statistic found via a survey done by an independent body that ‘92% dads regret spending less time with their baby’.


The film demystifies the traditional belief that caring for a baby is only the responsibility of a mother and urges fathers to take charge and leave no room for regret when it comes to bringing up their children. The film's tagline #BaapBannaPadtaHai (One must ‘be’ a father), highlights the need for new fathers to participate equally in parenting as a child needs both mother and father.


Agreeing with the campaign and speaking about parenting norms, Rohit Reddy said, “Fathers often feel that Parental duties like changing a baby's diaper, feeding them, or putting them to sleep don’t come easy to them but women are naturals at it. This is not true- the women are learning too (especially first-time moms) but they have no inhibitions about it unlike men. But because I was determined to fully enjoy and participate in being an equal parent with Anita, I learnt with her as I did not want to miss any of Aarav’s precious growing up moments. The childhood of your baby is precious. Equal parenting not only strengthens the bond of the child with both mother and father, but it also helps the mother to relax and rest, which is vital after childbirth. I urge all dads out there to get involved and equally parent their child, trust me it’s a gift and the bond that you form with your child and your partner is priceless.”


Anita Hassanandani added, “Rohit has been an equal parent from Day 1 (in fact if I’m being honest, he’s been a hands-on dad from the day the strip turned pink) and it's because of him, I could manage my work commitments so quickly after Aarav’s birth. I was a nervous wreck while he was calm and composed when Aarav came to our world. As a couple, we took a conscious decision to share the responsibilities that come with being parents. Pampers #BaapBannaPadtaHai has put the spotlight on all new age dads to not rest the entire load of child rearing on the mother. Before we become mothers or fathers, we become parents and that is by choice. So, nothing should stop men from being a totally involved and invested parent to their child.”


Told from the lens of an elderly father, Pampers new film #ItTakes2 is a message from an ailing dad to his son who is going to be a father. A heartwarming conversation ensues between them in a hospital where the former regrets that he was not there for his son while his son was growing up. He wishes he could turn back time to be there for his son, be part of all his milestones. A nurse interrupts this emotional, tear-filled exchange to tell the son that he’s just become a father himself. As he holds his baby, the son makes a promise that he will always be there and be equal partner in bringing up his kid, remembering his ailing father’s words that #BaapBannaPadtaHai


To truly enable new fathers to be equal parents, Pampers has introduced ‘Baby Time’ – an initiative to help dads consciously spend more quality time with their babies and be more involved parents during their growing years. ‘Baby Time’ is a curation of content and a community where dads can avail parenting tips and tricks from experts and each other on different baby duties and how to truly be an equal parent. Currently there are 2 lakhs+ active news dads who are part of this.



 Talking about the campaign, Abhishek Desai, Vice President, and Business Head – Baby Care at Procter & Gamble said “Our #ItTakes2 campaign is targeted at inspiring and urging new fathers to be a dedicated co-parent from the day the baby is born, so they do not regret later missing out their baby’s childhood moments and milestones. To be a father in the true sense, #BaapBannaPadtaHai. We salute Dads who have already kept true to their promise to their children and partners, but we have a long way to go before equal co-parenting becomes the norm and not the exception.”

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