A cultural evening by Suromurchhana US and Suromurchhana Kolkata with Pt Viswamohan Bhatt - Songoti

A cultural evening by Suromurchhana US and Suromurchhana Kolkata with Pt Viswamohan Bhatt

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Kolkata : Pt A T Kanan , the legendary vocalist from the south India who embraced Kolkata – the city and its culture willingly , would have celebrated his 101st birth anniversary if alive. Suromurchhana US and Suromurchhana Kolkata , an envision of Bidushi Malabika Kanan has paid tribute to Pt A T Kanan. On his 101st birth anniversary in a befitting way with a cultural evening in Uttam Mancha. Grammy award winner and Mohan veena virtuoso Pt Viswamohan Bhatt presented an engrossing performance with Pt Bikram Ghosh , the table maestro.

Suromurchhana is devoted in promoting Indian Classical music in India and abroad under the supervision of distinguished Vocalist Pt Sanjoy Banerjee. Nomami Karmakar , the classical singer is taking the baton to popularize Indian classical music abroad. The eminent Musician adorning the ceremony are young talents like Dr. Debopam Goswami (Vocal), Shri Anjan Saha (Sitar), and prominent musicians like Pt. Dhananjay Hegde ( Vocal), Shri Subhajyoti Guha & Shri Somenath Roy (Tabla & Ghatam). The program concludes with the memorable concert presentation of legendary Mohan Veena virtuoso, Grammy awardee Padmabhushan Pt. Viswamohan Bhatt accompanied by Pt. Bickram Ghosh. 

The annual cultural evening took off with the performance of Dr. Debopam Goswami accompanied by Shri Abhirup Roy on tabla and Shri Anirban Chakrabarty on harmonium . A vocalist Dr. Goswami presented Raga Multani followed by a composition in Raga gaur Sarang. Shri Anjan Saha played Raga Bhimpalasi on sitar (sitar) accompanied by Shri Rupak Bhattacharjee on table. Noted vocalist Shri Dhananjay Hegde accompanied by Shri Soumen Sarkar on tabla and Shri Hiranmoy Mitra on harmonium presented Raga Purya Dhanashri followed by a small composition in raga Durga An enchanting Tabla and Ghatam duet with Shri Subhajyoti Guha and Shri Somnath Roy accompanied by Shri Hiranmoy Mitra on harmonium kept the audience spellbound with rhythm teental and adi taal. The event of the day that kept the audience engrossed none other than Padmabhushan Pt Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (Mohan Veena) accompanied by maestro Pt. Bickram Ghosh on tabla . The mohanveena virtuoso played Raga Vishwa Ranjani followed by a dhun from his Grammy award winner album.

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