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Tea Board India to Celebrate Third International Tea Day

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Songoti, National : Tea Board India, under the Union Ministry of Commerce & Industry, has planned a series of promotional activities to commemorate the third International Tea Day tomorrow, with the objective of raising awareness as well as celebrating the second most consumed beverage in the world after water– TEA.

In order to reach out to a huge cross section of the society, promotional avenues of newspapers, radio, SMS messages to mobile phone users, tea sampling activities will be utilized to spread awareness amongst the general public about the importance and significance of this day. Tea Board is looking to leverage the considerable reach of its social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, which have a substantial follower base, to increase awareness about the different types and varieties of Indian teas. Activities such as ‘My Special Cup of India Tea Contest’ and ‘The India Tea Song Composing Competition’ are aimed at enhancing user engagement and increase excitement among the social media users about Indian teas.

A seminar in the physical cum virtual (hybrid) mode in collaboration with Indian Tea Association and other stakeholders of Indian tea Industry has been scheduled tomorrow.

A special tea plucking (limited edition) activity has also been organised by Tea Board in various tea gardens tomorrow, since quality is the prime parameter which upholds the name of India Tea in the global market since ages. The participating tea gardens will organise plucking of green leaf of highest quality (two leaves and a bud) to commemorate International Tea Day. A special auction of these teas will be organised in the auction centres in June, 2022.

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