Durgapur Steel Plant Ends April 2022 with Flying Colours - Songoti

Durgapur Steel Plant Ends April 2022 with Flying Colours

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National : Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP) ended the month of April 2022 with best performance being registered in all areas of production. While April month APP production targets were fulfilled in the areas of Oven Pushing (101%), Blend Mix (101%), Sinter (112%), Hot Metal (101%), Section Mill (104%) and Merchant Mill (105%), similar feats were also achieved in the areas of production at Crude Steel(192289T), Saleable Steel(175656T), Finished Steel production being 47% of Saleable Steel, Section Mill (11418T) in two sections as per order availability, Medium Structural Mill (35388T) with three sections, Merchant Mill(34524T), Saleable Steel Dispatch at 159742T including Monthly Direct Dispatch of 74065T, exports of 12140T, Road Dispatch of 22379T, Wheel dispatch of 3458 numbers (including 125 numbers to non-railway agencies) & Axle dispatch of 696 nos. all LHB Axles.

With this best monthly performance was achieved in Sinter Plant-1 including best April performance being achieved in CHP Tippling, Blend Mix, Total Sinter, Sinter Plant-2, Hot Metal, Crude Steel, BRC, Total Caster, Medium Structural Mill, Merchant Mill & Finished Steel and best Day performance being achieved in Sinter Plant-1, Total Sinter and BF#4 productions. On this joyous occasion, Shri B P Singh, Director In-charge (Burnpur & DSP) and other senior officials visited Coke Ovens, RMHP, Sinter Plant, Blast Furnace, Merchant Mill & Section Mill today and congratulated the employees for their exemplary all round performance.

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