Moj to help content creators earn INR 3,500 crore by 2025 - Songoti

Moj to help content creators earn INR 3,500 crore by 2025

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Kolkata : Moj, India's number one short video app, announced its plans to facilitate creator earnings worth INR 3,500 crore (over USD 450M) through the ‘Moj For Creators’ program. This program is Moj’s flagship creator initiative that builds a path for accelerated growth for Moj creators at different stages in their journey. Targeting creators from every region of India, the program is an ambitious step towards building a robust monetization model for creators and driving engaging content on the platform in the long term.

Earmarked for the next three years, Moj plans a myriad of growth and development initiatives for all creators at different levels. The program includes grooming through preliminary and advanced genre-based training courses, mentorship, spotlight program, boot camps, influencer townhalls, one-on-one coaching, and in-depth workshops on industry trends. These initiatives will enable Moj creators to emerge as strong influencers across different genres and languages. Furthermore, as the creator community expands, Moj For Creators will assist creators in bolstering their reach through unique community activations like Moj Madhouse, Moj DayOuts, Talk Shows, Moj on Wheels, Ambassador Programs, and Night Outs. These events have had tremendous success with creators and have seen thousands participate.

Commenting on Moj’s vision for creators, Ankush Sachdeva, CEO and Cofounder, ShareChat and Moj, said, “Our creators are the heart and soul of Moj, and it has been our constant endeavor to encourage them and celebrate their talent. We acknowledge the value and potential of Indian creators, and ‘Moj For Creators’ represents our commitment to their success. Our investment will provide equal opportunity to every creator and help to not only fully discover their talent but also help them monetize it. By 2025, we envision having over one million superstar creators on Moj through this program and, at the same time, create India's widest range of most engaging multi-lingual short video content.”

Moj For Creators will help creators monetize their talent and provide avenues to make it a viable career option. To create a sustainable revenue stream for creators, Moj is introducing Virtual Gifting, Commerce Earnings, and even Creator Referral Programs. Furthermore, Moj rewards creators for participating in and winning various challenges, contests, and trends on the platform. Popular creators have the opportunity to be a part of music videos, films, web series, and other large-scale properties where they will be able to showcase their talent to a larger audience. Creators get a direct monetary benefit for creating engaging content on Moj. 

Moj also plans to launch ‘Creator Studio’ in all major cities to provide real-time training for scripting and content production support. The investment will also include scouting and supporting new short video superstars across different genres and languages, creating a conducive platform, and effectively leveraging their reach. 

How can one be a part of the Moj For Creator Program? As a homegrown Indian short video platform, Moj provides creators, from metro cities to the remotest regions of India, the opportunity to post content in 16 different languages. Creators interested in joining the Moj for Creators program will have to download the Moj app, post a minimum of five videos exclusively on Moj, and can then register themselves on Once selected, the creators will become members of the ‘Moj For Creator’ Community, where they will get access to cohort-based Moj Creator Training Modules and Performance Insights. They will have the option to learn from some of the best creators in their domain and network with other aspiring creators. The creators also gain access to the Moj in-house team, who will support them in earning through their content and provide brand collaboration opportunities. Apart from the benefits mentioned above, creators under ‘Moj For Creators’ will also get a chance to receive unique badges on their Moj profile, surprise rewards, and invitations to exclusive Moj events such as Moj Madhouse and Moj Day Out. 

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