MRCOOL DIY Mini-Split Heat Pump Receives Patent From United States Patent & Trademark Office - Songoti

MRCOOL DIY Mini-Split Heat Pump Receives Patent From United States Patent & Trademark Office

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ICKORY, Ky., November 1, 2021 ( - MRCOOL today announced that on 21 September 2021 it received Patent No. 11,125,479 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This 'Apparatus and process for amateur HVAC installation' patent makes the MRCOOL DIY the only ductless mini-split heat pump on the market with technology patented and verified to ease installation for nonprofessional homeowners. "While the competition can only claim to be do-it-yourself worthy, our DIY patent proves that our technology really is," said Kyle Davis, Marketing Director at MRCOOL. "The stars of the show are our Quick Connect lines. These lines and their integration into the overall design mean

 that this mini-split can be installed without the necessity of in-field vacuuming or charging. They can be easily connected without cutting or brazing. In short, this patented technology means that anyone can hook up the refrigerant lines on the MRCOOL DIY without special tools, training, or industry-only know-how. We believe none of our competitors can provide that." According to Mr. Davis, this innovative approach to HVAC is what has allowed MRCOOL to grow into a space traditionally dominated by large, multinational corporations. It is his conviction that tech disruptors like this newly patented DIY design, and others on the horizon, will change the face of this industry in a much quicker timeframe than many traditional experts believe. "We live in a day and age in which a new technological innovation can transform our lives radically in a short timeframe," said Davis. "Ways of doing business that once seemed like the only way can quickly become outdated and non-competitive. We believe that is going to happen in this industry through newly patented, innovative products like the MRCOOL DIY. This is just the beginning."

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