Jai Balaji Group Announces Event Calendar for 2022 and Launches Fitness Training App JBG Endura 101 - Songoti

Jai Balaji Group Announces Event Calendar for 2022 and Launches Fitness Training App JBG Endura 101

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Kolkata : The Jai Balaji Group launched JBG Endura 101 – a fitness training app that offers a unique range of customized solutions and structured training programs for a fit and healthy body. Keeping the common man’s daily fitness requirements in mind, this app offers solutions and fitness routines that have been crafted and curated exclusively by JBG’s expert panel of senior fitness trainers and

 experienced coaches who are known for the best fitness practices in the industry. The app will be available for download soon across IOS and android platforms. The app features, mission and vision were shared by the innovators and drivers behind the app, namely Gaurav Jajodia, Director of Jai Balaji Group, Nishant Maheshwari, Director, SPORTIZ, manages the app and all events on behalf of JBG, Aditi Almal De, Diet Mantra, Nutrition partner for the app, Rohan Kothari, Co-Founder, NFNA, Training partner of the app. The announcement of the launch took place on Sunday November 14 at The Park Hotel with a panel discussion chaired by Ayesha Billimoria, mobility expert of the app, three-time national champion (2001-03) in 200m race and represented Maharashtra for 17 years; Nagaraj Harsha, triathlete, four times Ironman Finisher - Ultra Runner; Vikram Rai, sprinter, social media influencer and founder of Vik Foundation; Divij Shah, para-national cyclist, multi-award winner for India in prestigious international events and Vineet Baptist – fitness trainer and co- founder of NFNA. Talking about JBG Endura 101, Gaurav Jajodia, Director of Jai Balaji Group said, “In the last two years we have seen how fitness and health have become central concerns in everyone’s life, not just a sportsperson or an athlete but even a regular person is now investing more time on workouts and healthy eating. During the pandemic people were stuck at home and the shift towards home work out became more pronounced. An APP like JBG Endura 101 has all the best features that address the concerns of anyone working out of their homes from specified workout programmes, diet check and expert inputs. It’s easy to use and comes in handy anywhere.” An athlete has a fit and healthy body. But in order to build a fit and healthy body, it is not necessary to become an athlete. JGB Endura 101’s focused fitness routines seek to demystify and replace this common approach with all-round fitness regimes that support an over-all wellness goal rather than athletic goals. This added feature gives the app an edge and makes it a unique solution for people from all walks of life and age groups. Some of the unique features of the app are: Well-researched, result-oriented fitness regimes that bridge the gap between ego-centric, superficial training and actual health and fitness of the body. Comprehensive, practical and doable day-to-day fitness solutions. Inter-disciplinary weight-loss and fitness routines with special focus on Running, Cycling, Zumba, Yoga and Pilates. Free nutrition and diet plan with each program for enhanced effectiveness. FAT LOSS PROGRAMS with an exclusive association with NFNA (National Fitness and Nutrition Academy). This section will have multiple experienced NFNA-certified coaches. Subscribers can view profiles and programs listed under each coach and pick and choose according to their preferences. E-commerce platform for sports goods. Regular fitness events hosted on the app by JBG Endura 101 as well as external health and fitness trainers/organisations. With its commitment to support sports and fitness events in Kolkata to inspire a healthy lifestyle, the Jai Balaji Group launched the JBG Kolkata Trail Run in 2016. Alternate editions of this trail run have been successfully executed with huge participation in Darjeeling, Durgapur and Guwahati. Ever since 2016, this event, which has been efficiently managed by Sportiz, has had 6 consecutive editions. The group plans its 7th edition of the Kolkata Trail Run on 9th January, 2022. In 2022 JBG takes this initiative a notch higher by making it national. The 2022 multi-city trail run will diversify from running to cycling too. The reassuring part this time is the AIMS-certification (AIMS is an international body for marathons) that has been tagged to these 10 km marathons. This will enable participants to acquire timing certificates from AIMS that can qualify them for participation in international marathon events. Speaking at the event, Nishant Maheshwari, Director of Sportiz said, “JBG and Sportiz have been a great team and together we have committed to offer quality sporting experience to the fitness community. The launch of JBG Endura 101 is another stepping stone in this direction.”

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