National HRD Network (NHRD) – Kolkata Chapter discussed on the various facets of HR Policies during the pandemic - Songoti

National HRD Network (NHRD) – Kolkata Chapter discussed on the various facets of HR Policies during the pandemic

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Kolkata : National HRD Network (NHRD) – Kolkata Chapter in partnership with Ascend HR Solutions organized a webinar titled as “HR Agenda in Next Normal and New Labour Code” on 21 August 2021. The webinar witnessed participation from HR stalwarts, Academicians, Government officials, Students from the B-Schools of the country. The Welcome address & context setting was done by Mr. Sudipto Mandal, VP & CHRO, Star Cement (Honorary President, NHRD – Kolkata Chapter) and Mr. Saroj Chaki, MD, Ascend HR Solutions. Mr. Sudipto Mandal mentioned about Industry 4.0 and paramount importance of digitization of work methods in changing times.

The introductory panel discussed on “Economic Outlook at Global Level, Indian Economy and Plans for Resurgence” and was moderated by Mr. Subhodip Ghosh, Director General BCC &I to the audience. The discussion pivoted around challenges & unpreparedness during first wave of the pandemic and how the economic outlook changed. Mr. Biswadip Gupta, President – Corporate Affairs (E), JSW Limited averred, “There were major challenges during COVID- 19 pandemic which resulted in continuing depression in the market. Economic growth will be pushed by demand and India will once again move towards 5 Trillion economy through growth in core sector but there will be less job creation in the country.” Mr. Sandip Neogi, CFO, Granules India echoed the growth prospect of India but apprehended non-inclusive growth which may be a cause of concern. The session touched upon per capita income growth. It was concluded by some good notes by Mr. Subhodip Ghosh commented “Be Cautious, Be Frugal & Create Value for whatever we do”

The second session touched on “The Changing Roles of HR in Post Covid Scenario” was moderated by eminent HR personality Mr. Nadeem Kazim, CEO, Splice HR Works. Mr. Amit Das, Director-HR & CHRO, Bennett, Coleman India (Times Group) emphasized on technology as future of work and use of Design Thinking on HR  during this VUCA world.

Mr. Amit Das stated, “The impact and implications of the pandemic on HR policies is still getting unfolded. There are various changes happening in the business landscape eco system and it is advisable for all the HRs to understand and adopt the new trend. The pandemic has brought an unexpected shift in the traditional workplace. In the new normal companies are seeking to restore the stability but that calls for a transformation in workplace” Mr. Sujoy Banerjee, Group Chief People Officer & Group Head – Marketing, Gainwell Commosales (P) Ltd., discussed about different perspectives of talent management in the future of work. Mr. Subrata Chatterjee, Head – HR, Arcelor Mittal Design & Engineering Centre referred several researchers and how a hybrid model will be the way forward. This panel pondered over different queries raised by HR fraternities present in the webinar.


The next session discussed on “Implications of New Labor Codes” and was moderated by Mr. Nadeem Kazim. The participants had a lot of interest as Dr. R. N. Mishra, an exemplary speaker & ardent labor law specialist was one of the panelists. Dr. R. N. Mishra mentioned about several labour laws. He stated, “The labour codes are not new & ease of doing business won’t have any impact even if these are implemented in all states. The New Labour Codes have some positives around less number of returns, registers etc. Certain things are vague in these Codes.”  The session witnessed another esteemed panelist, Mr. Debojyoti Bhattacharjee,


Head- HR Strategy, Motherson Sumi Group dealt with some intricate details of the new codes and how this could benefit the labor force. In his concluding remarks, Dr. Mishra said, “LAW is nothing but Logical Application of Wisdom and HR folks must remember this while interpreting the codes.”

“Focus on Learning: The Paradigm Shift in L&D” was the next session of the day and moderated outstandingly by Dr. Nagendra V Chowdhury, VP & Head Academic Relations, Times Professional Learning. Dr. Chowdhury introduced the subject and then Ms. Debjani Roy, CHRO, Mind your Fleet averred, “Resourcefulness, courage & empathy are the mantra for tomorrow’s success and we must manage Skill redundancy well rather than pre set training interventions.”  Ms. Aditi Mukherjee, Executive VP & Head _HR, NCDEX shared her experience on the wide spread use of instructional design tolls in L&D and also touched upon criticality of psychosocial support during this challenging times and uncertain future.


Mr. Rupak Barua, CEO, AMRI Group of Hospitals was the speaker around the topic “Challenges and Opportunities for Health Care Sector”. He elaborately explained the challenges in wee days of pandemic specially for non-medical staff. He also touched upon the present challenges and how they have turned certain challenges into opportunities by creating job oriented short-term learning courses to cater to increasing demand of certain trades.



Dr Aquil Busrai, Founder & CEO, Aquil Busrai Consulting and acclaimed industry stalwart elaborated on the topic “Challenges & Opportunities for IT Sector”. He discussed around generic industry issues due to his vivid industry knowledge and accentuated on Scenario Planning to be done by HR and acting as a Proactive Agent rather than Reactive once to cater to such unprecedented situation. Dr Aquil Busrai mentioned the fraternity to be prepared for Gog workforce (specialist short term cadre) and emphasized on the importance of human resource and business through life examples. "The H in HR is non-negotiable" he was quoted saying.


The Q&A session was moderated by Mr. Rahul Bose of Ascend HR Solution as he summed up the entire event astoundingly and also helped answering any questions by the participants.


Mr. Subrata Kumar Saha, Deputy Chief Manager – HR (East), Times group and Asst. Secretary, NHRD-Kolkata Chapter concluded the meeting with Vote of Thanks to all Panelists, Moderators, Emcee, Technology support & all participants. 


Mr. Rabi S Das has provided all IT Technological Support to make the event a grand success. Sweata Gupta put an extraordinary support in terms of anchoring. The Chapter Manager – Sweta Srivastava Sengupta’s contribution was spectacular with reference to reaching to Business schools across the Region – East and enmasse participation.

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