Accessorize your personal space with intricately crafted cushion covers from Jaypore - Songoti

Accessorize your personal space with intricately crafted cushion covers from Jaypore

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Cushions can complement or enliven the look of any room without having to completely redecorate.

They add a sophisticated touch to any space.

This season, Jaypore brings you two exquisitely handcrafted collections of cushion covers. Dedicated to

the traditional crafts of Chikankari & Hand-block Print, these collections offer an assortment of covers in

vibrant colours, displaying intricate patterns and unique craftsmanship.

The Jaypore label works closely with artisans and craftpersons to curate best weaves, embroideries, and

designs, packaged into collections across categories at exceptional value for its patrons.


1. Collection: Rasbhari by Jaypore

Craft: Chikankari

Chikankari is a celebrated handcrafted style of fabric art, with the rich heritage of over forty

different styles of stitches done by skilled artisans by hand.

Jaypore presents a special home edit 'Rasbhari', to invite in the sweetness of pastel-coloured

Chanderi cushion covers with hand-embroidered Chikankari details.


2. Collection: Ura by Jaypore

Craft: Hand-block Print

One of the most traditional and ancient methods of fabric printing, block-prints are done by

hand, where artisans impress hand-carved wooden stamps dipped in natural dyes onto the cloth

to reveal intricate floral and geometric designs. India is home to a host of different block-

printing techniques ranging from Ajrakh, Sanganeri, Dabu, Khari, and more.

Jaypore's latest edit of home linen 'Ura' meaning heart, features a heartfully handcrafted and

alluring collection of beautiful & vibrant block-print patterns.

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