Star Jalsha continues telecasting fresh New content every day, even during lockdown - Songoti

Star Jalsha continues telecasting fresh New content every day, even during lockdown

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At a time when channels are finding it difficult to shoot and air fresh episodes, Star Jalsha is offering a daily dose of fresh content everyday - 'Taja jomjomat porbo Jalsha cholche cholbe – protidin'. The channel is thus, requesting all its viewers to stay safe and enjoy their regular dose of entertainment at the comfort of their homes, as their favourite shows go through a slew of new twists and turns.

Here's a lowdown of Star Jalsha’s content high points:

·         Sanjher Baati, Monday – Sunday, 5pm
Arjo and Charu team-up to fight against Deepjoy and Suryashekhar's conspiracy

·         Ogo Nirupama, Monday – Sunday, 5:30 pm
Sanjukta gets ready for the much-awaited fashion show but due to a conspiracy plotted against her, she fails to make it to the final round. Nirupama saves the show. Abir and his family are stunned when Sanjukta takes their entire property and throws them out of the house.

·         Khelaghor, Monday – Sunday, 6pm
Shantu stays in Barun’s house for dwiragamon. Barun tries to get Shantu out of his house but Shantu keeps his cool in front of Barun and irritates him. Gagan Makhal threatens Purna to withdraw the nomination. Shantu supports Purna in her mission.

·         Desher Maati, Monday – Sunday, 6:30 pm
The couples - Kian-Noah and Raja-Mampi are getting separated. Can any force keep them apart for long?

·         Sreemoyee, Monday– Sunday, 7 pm
Post the leap, the lives of Sreemoyee’s children have moved ahead but what about her own life?

·         Khorkuto, Monday– Sunday, 7:30 pm
Gungun has matured. She wants to get first class in her graduation, not for Babin but for her own self-esteem.

·         Boron, Monday – Sunday, 8 pm
Rudrik has to stay at Tithi's house. Tithi teaches Rudrik a lesson. Rudrik's father is happy and wants Tithi as his daughter- in-law. But he does not reveal his wish to Tithi.

·         Falna, Monday– Sunday, 8:30 pm
Beni in on the verge of losing her family as she searches for Falna. Will Manish and Beni come close to each other or will they be separated for life?

·         Gramer Rani Binapani, Monday – Sunday, 9 pm
Binapani's longing to meet her mystery saviour comes true when Shatadru remembers their past encounter. Following the signs of destiny, Binapani and Shatadru get married. But do they love each other? Or is this another understanding between them for the sake of their business?

·         Gangaram, Monday – Friday, 9:30 pm
Tayra is heartbroken as Reni proposes to Ganga

·         Mahapeeth Tarapeeth, Monday – Friday, 10 pm
Bama comes to Kolkata as Maa Bipodtarini has summoned him. What is the urgency?

·         Titli, Monday – Friday, 10:30 pm
Titli and her family are being held hostage by Anirban. To protect her family, she has to sacrifice her career as a pilot. How will Titli take the flight to rise above the dangers and protect both her family and her career?

·         Dhrubotara, Monday– Sunday, 11 pm
Tara’s daughter Uma is now 7 years old. Is she a blessed with special powers?

·         Dance Dance Jr. Season2, Saturday– Sunday, 9:30 pm
29-30 May: Deb-Debi Special Episodes, where the participants perform power-packed numbers dedicated to several Indian Gods and Goddesses


Speaking on the occasion, the channel spokesperson said, “It is our constant endeavour to provide engaging and inspiring content to our viewers. We could foresee the possibility of a lockdown and accordingly had taken measures to ensure enough episode banking, so that our viewers are not deprived of their daily dose of entertainment on Star Jalsha throughout the month. We are glad that people of Bengal will be able to stay safe within the comfort of their homes and enjoy the exciting story highpoints on Star Jalsha.”

Continue watching Star Jalsha SD and HD, 5 pm-11:30 pm, every day for unparalleled excitement, thrill and entertainment.

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