NFDC begins shooting of the new Bengali feature film Chhaad (The Terrace) starring Paoli Dam - Songoti

NFDC begins shooting of the new Bengali feature film Chhaad (The Terrace) starring Paoli Dam

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National Film Development Corporation Limited (NFDC) will commence shooting for the Bengali Feature Chhaad (The Terrace) from Saturday, 23 rd January 2021 abiding by all the health guidelines amidst COVID-19 pandemic. Chhaad is a Realistic Drama featuring Actress Paoli Dam, Actress Rajnandini Paul & other prominent cast. The film will be extensively shot in Kolkata and surroundings. The film is part of the new slate of films that will be under production from NFDC Ltd. Besides, Chhaad, a Telugu feature named Korangi Nunchi (Who will marry Thomas?) by debutante director K. Jayade are on the floor Under the The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting scheme Development, Communication Dissemination of Filmic Content" under the sub scheme Production of films in various Indian languages’.

The corporation is currently reviewing the transition plan as per the Government’s announcement of a mega merger of four Ministry of Information & Broadcasting units - namely National Film Archives of India, Films Division, Directorate of Film Festivals, and Children’s Film Society of India- under the umbrella organization NFDC, the National Film Development Corporation.
    Smt. Dhanpreet Kaur, Director, Films, (Ministry of I & B) & Managing Director NFDC India, also shared her views on the new production– “Overwhelmed to begin the new production from NFDC. We continue to mentor, support and uphold NFDC’s core objectives. I wish the team of Chhaad a very best & all the success for their project. We have a new addition to the family of women debut Directors’. NFDC has always been the pioneer in supporting new filmmakers. I’m sure this will be a great beginning for Indrani Chakraborty.”
     Director Indrani Chakraborty expressed that" I am indeed honoured that NFDC has supported my maiden project Chaad. Chaad literally means. The Terrace, which signifies freedom and liberation. Our film emphasizes the need for personal space and internal freedom.  Today when appartments are growing smaller and smaller and balconies are becoming a luxury the need for some personal space close to the nature is felt all the more. I sincerely feel that the viewers would be able to identify with the crisis that our protagonist goes through and the film would be widely accepted. Actress Paoli Dam shared, “It is indeed a pleasure associating with NFDC, I have grown up watching the celebrated films over the years, especially made by the Bengali legendary filmmakers Satyajit Ray, Mirnal Sen, Goutam Ghose, to name a few. Being part of such an esteemed institution where many legends have taken birth is an honor for me & I am truly looking forward for this project & hoping all our efforts pay.”
    Arunnoday Banerjee ‘Rahul’ expressed that, “It is great to be working with NFDC. Since childhood been associated with theatre and watching the art-house cinema is was always a learning experience. Looking forward to have a joy time working for this film.” Rajnandini Paul says , “I am overwhelmed being part of this film. I always believe in hard work and discipline and hope to keep up that balance and provide the best that is required from me.”

    Deepti Chawla- Head of Distribution Marketing, NFDC “There is a reason why watching content in Indian languages is on a rise. Production of localized and regional content has always been part of NFDC’s mandate. Bengali cinema has been truly remarkable over the years & NFDC has films from legendary directors who are renowned world over. With Chhaad we want to entertain the targeted region and tell a story to the audience that can relate to it and enjoy.

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