Bangladeshi singer SHUSMITA ANIS and music composer SHAYAN CHOWDHURY ARNOB combine together to explore new dimensions of Nazrulgeeti - Songoti

Bangladeshi singer SHUSMITA ANIS and music composer SHAYAN CHOWDHURY ARNOB combine together to explore new dimensions of Nazrulgeeti

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Eminent singer SHUSMITA ANIS and music composer SHAYAN CHOWDHURY ARNOB, both based in Bangladesh, have met the Press
at   Calcutta Press Club on  22nd Feb. eve.
  Renowned Bangladeshi singer Shusmita Anis is currently working with Shayan Chowdhury Arnob to give a new dimension to Nazrul Sangeet in two popular songs “Jago Nari Jago” and  “Joy Hok Joy Hok, Shantir Joyo Hok”. 

   Shusmita Anis has joined in the recording sessions in Kolkata with Arnob who is experimenting with his unique sound composition and exploring Nazrul in new ways. These two songs will be released under the banner of 'New Music Paradigm Company' (NMPC). Shusmita Anis and Arnob are working in this project for more than 4-5 months and it is currently ongoing. 
     The journey of these two Bangladeshis in the music world is quite long but they have never worked together. This first joint venture between the two talented artists is expected to provide exciting results. 
    Shusmita Anis, niece and disciple of legendary Nazrul Sangeet Artiste  Firoza Begum is working to globalize Nazrul Sangeet while keeping the integrity intact. Arnob is very excited to work in this project with artiste Shusmita Anis and wishes to contribute in his own way. 
    Shusmita Anis is also working with eminent composer and tuner Joy Sarkar and lyricist Srijato Banerjee to create original modern Bengali songs that will be released under the banner of New Music Paradigm Company (NMPC) later on.


Shusmita Anis sings Nazrul Sangeet & Modern Bengali songs covering a wide variety of genres of music including light classical.She is the niece and disciple of Legendary Nazrul Sangeet Artist Firoza Begum.
Shusmita Anis started her training in music from the age of five from her aunt. She specializes in Nazrul's songs and modern Bengali songs, especially songs those are tuned by her uncle and husband of Feroza Begum, Kamal Dasgupta.Shusmita Anis has been performing regularly in state owned national broadcasting corporation, Bangladesh Television (BTV), from an early age. She won the first prize in Nazrul Sangeet in 1976 in the annual national competition on performing arts, Notun Kuri , produced by BTV.

Firoza Begum directed Shusmita Anis' first three albums. Shusmita Anis' first album of modern Bengali songs, A tribute to Kamal Das Gupta, was released in 1998 by Raga Music, Kolkata, India. In 2006, HMV in Kolkata, India, released her second album of Nazrul Sangeet, Chand Herichey Chand Mukh Tar.[1]

Agniveena, a record company in Bangladesh, released her third album, Sei Gaan Sei Sur, in 2007. This is an album of modern Bengali songs. In 2008, Gaanchill Music, a record company in Bangladesh, released her fourth album of original Bengali songs, Ichche Nupur. Lyricist Asif Iqbal contributed to the album, while music composition of two of the songs of the album was composed by Bangladeshi singers, Nakib Khan and Kumar Bishwajit.

Her fifth album titled, Shishirer Sporshe Gatha / Sound of Seasons,[2] was released in August 2015 by New Music Paradigm Company. Shusmita Anis dedicated the album to her aunt. The album was released both in Bangladesh and in West Bengal, India. Composer Ibrar Tipu was the music director of this album. The making of the album was supervised by tabla player, Syed Meher Hossain, son of Ustad Zakir Hussain.

Shusmita Anis conceptualized and designed the album cover art by herself. RED Dot Multimedia Ltd. and eMusic made the music videos of many of the songs of the album.

On 9 September 2015, commemorating the first anniversary of Firoza Begum's death, Shusmita Anis published an online Extended Play (EP) titled, Mémoire Firoza Begum. The EP consists of original renditions of three songs, tuned by Firoza Begum.

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