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'Challenger' Comes to our 'City of Joy'

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Spectrum Infotech Pvt. Ltd., a leading  Importer & Distributor of Mobile Phone Accessories in India since 1995, had launched a revolutionary portable fitness product, Electrical Muscle Stimulator (EMS) for BODY, ABS and HIPS under the brand name “Challenger", which is being recommended by Mr. Universe 2008, U.S.A MIAMI, Mr. Samir Ghosh, also the  Brand Ambassador.
    Models Ashpreet Kaur and Bandon Wong along with Mr. Samir Ghosh demonstrated the product in the presence of a host of during a glittering occasion held at Calcutta Punjab Club, Kolkata.

    According to Raj Kumar Jain, the Founder and Managing Director of Spectrum Infotech, Electrical Muscle Stimulator (EMS) is a revolutionary device based on American technology with built in rechargeable battery & USB charging, operating on 25 minutes Auto run program. & is commonly used by athletic trainers and physical therapists to rehabilitate and strengthen muscles.
   He further added that the portable devise has 15 intensity levels, with 2 modes (Training & Massage Mode) and can be easily used on ABS, HIPS & BODY (Arms, Thighs, oblique’s, Shoulders & Calf Muscles), to  tone, contract & relax tired, stressed & sore Muscle. Challenger EMS Trainers are Portable, ultrathin, wireless device & can be used anytime anywhere be it at home, in office or on the go. It is very safe, effective & easy to use without any side effects. Its sweatless & effortless training gear for fast Muscle sculpting and visualising desired results in 21 sessions.
 Mr. Jain had a word of Precaution, that it should not be used by people with pacemaker or during fever & pregnancy.
“Our future plans are to introduce various innovative fitness products, like fitness band, fitness Tube, EMS foot Massager Smart Bracelet, Smart watch etc.”, he stated.  
 MRP of challenger EMS Trainer are as follows;
EMS BODY Trainer Rs.2499/-. EMS ABS Trainer    Rs.3299/-.
EMS Hips Trainer (with remote control)   Rs.3999/-.

The main unit comes with six months replacement Guarantee for any manufacturing defec

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