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Hello Kolkata presents 'Rakhi- A Bond'- a short film by Sourav Nayak

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A non-technical innovative short film-"Rakhi- A Bond" was made on the spot by the young and talented Sourav Nayak during the sidelines of 'Hello Kolkata FAIR' on 1st Sept. at Bangur Mukta Mancha. Utilising the natural surroundings and locational elements only, Sourav Nayak, who is himself a trained theatre and movie artist, developed his own concept on the sweet bonding of sister-brother. Doing the cinematography and commendably editing the rough cuts himself, Sourav Nayak proved that he has slowly come up the ranks of amateur film-makers.
    Without any make-up or formal practice, he elicited wonderful spontaneous performances from a bunch of enthusiastic women who actually came to the Fair for 'Hello Kolkata Cooking Fiesta' but were convinced with his story-making. The actors included Susmiita Sen, Bony Singha, Keka Bhattacharya, Sarmistha Mukherjee, Sima Murmu, Maitry Dutt, Indrani Sarkar and Sourav Nayak himself. 

    Asish Basak, Editor-Director of Hello Kolkata', who also appeared for a fleeting scene in the film, remarked that 'Hello Kolkata' always like to explore the latent potential of such innovative youngsters like Sourav Nayak. This short film, made on such a unique manner, will also create a proto-type for 'Hello Kolkata FAIR' and will be one of the featured attractions of 13th Short Films Festival-- 'Hello Kolkata Short-Scope'.

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